Whitey Bulger

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James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger
U.S. Marshals Service mugshot
FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
Charges Racketeering influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO):
Murder (19 counts)
Conspiracy to commit murder
Conspiracy to commit extortion
Narcotics distribution
Conspiracy to commit money laundering
Alias Thomas F. Baxter, Tom Harris, Tom Bulger, Mark Shapeton, Thomas Marshall, Charles Gasko[1]
Born James Joseph Bulger, Jr.
(1929-09-03) September 3, 1929 (age 88)
Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Parents James Joseph Bulger, Sr. and Jane Veronica (née McCarthy) Bulger
Siblings William M. Bulger
John P. Bulger
3 sisters[2]
Added August 19, 1999
Caught June 22, 2011[3]
Number 458

James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger, Jr. (born September 3, 1929) is an American former mob boss that worked out of South Boston, Massachusetts. He was on the ten top most wanted fugitives in the United States from 1999 until 2011. His story was on America's Most Wanted on FOX. He was captured by police on 22 June 2011.[3][4][5]

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