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Birmingham Wholesale Markets

Wholesale is the sale of large numbers of goods to retailers.[1] The retailer then sells small amounts of the goods to individual users or consumers. A wholesaler often buys goods direct from the factory or the farm. The wholesaler can put together, sort or grade the products. The wholesaler will repack and redistribute the goods in smaller lots. Wholesalers usually have large individual warehouses to do this work. Food wholesalers often are located together at large markets.

Wholesalers used to be closer to where the retail goods were sold than they were to the factories or farms. Since internet sales have increased there are a number of wholesalers setting up near factories in China and Taiwan.

In banking, wholesale banking means services provided to large companies. Retail banking is services provided to small businesses or individuals.

Some examples of wholesale retailers include Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's Wholesale Club

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