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A wiki farm is a site where you can create your own wiki.[1] Getting webspace is usually as easy as requesting an e-mail account.[1] An account will generally allow a certain number of wiki sites and some are free.[1] Most wiki farms let you create wikis that use Mediawiki software, the software that thousands of wikis use.[2]

Comparing some wiki farms[change | change source]

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Wiki farm Free/Paid Ads Features Support
Miraheze Free (non-profit) None VisualEditor, any extension of your choice, custom settings (logo, etc.) IRC, Email, Issue trackers, Wiki venues
Fandom Free Yes VisualEditor IRC, Email, issue trackers, wiki venues
ProWiki Paid None VisualEditor, admin panel, dozens of extensions, private wikis, own domain, Semantic MediaWiki or Wikibase Professional support for companies via various channels

References[change | change source]

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