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Wikia, Inc.
Foundation date2004
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, U.S.
Founder(s)Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley
Key peopleCraig Palmer (CEO)
ProductsWiki hosting
Employees127 (September 2011)[1]
Alexa rankPositive decrease 140 (July 2013)[2]
Type of siteWiki farm
AdvertisingDirect and advertising networks
Available inMultilingual
Current statusActive

Wikia, Inc., also known as FANDOM and originally known as Wikicities, is an organization for making websites that are wikis. Wikia was started in 2004 by Jimmy Wales[3],who also started Wikipedia, and Angela Beesley. The name of Wikicities was changed to Wikia on March 27, 2006 to prevent other people from mistaking it for a wiki on cities.

Wikis hosted on Wikia are about something which many people will like, but they are more specialized than Wikipedia. All content on Wikia is released under a free license, such as the GNU Free Documentation License or the Creative Commons. Anybody can change pages on wikis at Wikia, so that no single person "owns" or is "the boss" of a wiki, and so that large communities can be made. The software used is MediaWiki.[4]

Wikia uses advertisements to generate money, which is different than Wikipedia, which uses donations.[5]

Wikis hosted on Wikia usually have much lower standards of notability than Wikipedia does. This means that something can have an article on Wikia, but not on Wikipedia. Also, articles on Wikia are often written in more "in-universe" style; meaning that fictional characters and plots are written as if they are real. Some projects on Wikia are more for people who are very interested in the topic.

In August 2010, they said that a new look was coming,[6] making some people take their wikis off the service.

Like Wikipedia, Wikia uses the MediaWiki software.[7]

Well-known wikis[change | change source]

There are several wikis that are the biggest and most well known. For example, LyricWiki is currently the biggest wiki in Wikia with more than 1 million articles.[8] The Fanon Wiki is also well known for its fan fiction articles.

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