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Notable Women from 20th Century Social Movements in the US is a research project for a school in California. Up to 65 students will be researching and editing articles on notable individuals (Mostly, but perhaps not all, female) who made contributions to social movements that took place during the 20th Century. They will search for sources with guidance from the library and then they will edit and cite the sources they reference in the Simple English Wikipedia article.

They will be writing and editing articles in April, 2022, at several points between 3pm UTC and 10pm UTC each day. Teachers will check work in the following days. Please give us until at least May 15, 2022, to have students complete their work.

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Banners[change source]

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For articles: Please add this banner on the top of each article you work on. It indicates to other Wikipedia users this article is part of the Notable Females from the San Francisco Bay Area project.

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Articles edited[change source]

  1. Ada Wright (Scottsboro Defense Campaign)
  2. Alicia Escalante
  3. Aliya Ogdie Hassen
  4. Amy 
  5. Amy Jacques Garvey
  6. Anne Burlak ("Red Flame")
  7. Ardeth Platte
  8. Barbara Dane
  9. Barbara Easley-Cox
  10. Byllye Avery
  11. Bo Thao-Urabe
  12. Cecilia Chung
  13. Cindy Sheehan
  14. Clara Lemlich
  15. Deidre Downs
  16. Dora Lee Jones
  17. Dorothy Day
  18. Elizabeth Martínez
  19. Emma Gee
  20. Emma Goldman
  21. Emma Tenayuca
  22. Ericka Huggins
  23. Ernestine Eckstein
  24. Esther Uranday
  25. Eveline Shen
  26. Evelyn Yoshimura
  27. Fannie Lou Hamer
  28. Florynce Kennedy
  29. Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (Zitkala-Ša)
  30. Grace Lee Boggs
  31. Gwen Patton
  32. Helen Zia
  33. Hilda Jensen
  34. Jessie de la Cruz
  35. Jovita Idár
  36. Katsi Cook
  37. LaNada War Jack
  38. Loretta J. Ross
  39. Lucy Hicks Anderson
  40. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee
  41. Margaret Sanger
  42. María Elena Durazo
  43. Marii Hasegawa
  44. Mary McLeod Bethune
  45. May Chen
  46. Miné Okubo
  47. Miriam Yeung (activist)
  48. Nkenge Touré
  49. Norma Jean Serena
  50. Norma Meras Swenson
  51. Pat Maginnis
  52. Patsy Matsu Takemoto Mink
  53. Peggy Saika
  54. Pramila Jayapal
  55. Queen Mother Moore
  56. Robin Morgan
  57. Rose Schneiderman
  58. Shakira Sison
  59. Sue Ko Lee
  60. Sylvia Woods
  61. Velma Hopkins
  62. Wilma Mankiller
  63. Yuri Kochiyama