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The Simple News

Greetings, readers of the Simple English Wikipedia's Simple News!

I've not written a Simple News article for a while, and indeed have been slacking off on my Simple News duties! Unfortunately I have had my GCSE exams, but they are now over, and i'm back to normal activity levels :D, which also means that Simple News will be back up to it's old standards (I hope...) but that is only if you guys help and send things in! Anything is appreciated!

Secondly, i'd like to make an addendum to the last Issue of Simple News, when a couple of errors managed to creep in to the Issue. These were found in the QandA section which made out the Kennedy was still retired, and the other was in the announcements, when a "Very" was omitted from the list of articles that were at VGA.

Simple 'Pedia has very much been on a slow down recently, and we need to try to get back up to our activity levels from a few months ago, when we frequently had 5 or 6 P(V)GAs at the relevant page - as I write this we have 1 PVGA and 2 PGAs. I've got a couple of articles i'm working on myself, and hope to have at least one of these on the PVGA page before the end of this week. Time will tell!

With us now being about half way through 2009, i've also had a look back at the predictions that I made in our Special Edition. I must say, some of them were pretty accurate! Crich Tramway Village has made it to VGA status, the flood flag has been enabled, and GBots 3 and 4 have both been brought online - albeit with some problems, and not as was originally intended! There have also been no less than 16 Sysop promotions - of which one was mine and one was a re-promotion, 3 Bureaucrat promotions, and 2 CheckUser promotions. In addition, there has been one re-confirmation and one de-sysopping. (According to the RfA Archives page... I seem to remember there being another desysop somewhere...).

So, what holds for the rest of 2009? Only time can tell, but with the 60,000th article mark getting closer, Simple is certainly not a small and pointless wiki!

Finally, with regards to my current signature, let me make it known that I do not love Kennedy in the way that many have been thinking! It is merely a token of our good friendship, and how much his prescence on this wiki means to me and a lot of other editors.

I hope you all have a brilliant summer!

Goblin 15:32, 21 June 2009 (UTC) I ♥ Kennedy!