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QandA with Peterdownunder

For this edition Pmlineditor interviewed Peterdownunder.

  • Okay, so first, can you tell me something about yourself and a little about what you do?
    • OK..I have been a secondary school teacher for more than 30 years
    • When did you first discover Wikipedia and how?
    • I went to a training session on helping kids with a language disorder, and the presenter gave out a photocopy of the page on Captain James Cook. The simple english wiki version. And I thought it was just fantastic.
  • Cool, when was that?
    • So I went home and looked up the site. I am not sure what I edited first. That was May...2008? I think.
  • Okay. Did you start editing Simple regularly from then? What things are you most involved in here?
    • I remember making a couple of edits and everyone was really helpful. Especially I remember American Eagle and Synergy who kept an eye on what I was doing. Adopted me most likely
    • Once I got started I was hooked.
    • I thought there was almost nothing on Australia, so that is where my main focus is, trying to get some good simple articles. Some of the Aussie simple english articles are now much, much better than the en wiki pages. Have a look at Dan Kelly for example.
    • Some days I get bored and just hit the random page button and find a page to work on, add some references, fill out a one sentence stub, add a picture etc.
    • I like reading non fiction, so I really enjoy reading all the articles. I send Mrs Downunder mad with the useless pieces of information I tell her about at breakfast
  • What are the best and worst things about Wikipedia in your opinion?
    • Best...I enjoy reading, I like working as part of a team
    • Best, I like finding out what other people like writing about, like Romanian Rivers or obscure Japanese football stars
    • Worst...I will probably say all the "dramas", maybe I get enough at work so I don't need it as part of my hobby.
    • What really gets me going is people who keep adding to the drama, if you notice I usually don't get involved, but when I do I tend to make my comment and leave it.
    • I also get annoyed with articles that are not simple...although I know I have written quite a few that need more work to get to the standard that I think simple should be aiming for.
    • I find the vandalism gets a bit depressing, most of it is so dull and lacks any amusin qualities
  • Hmm, anything particular (any policy) you would like to change?
    • Policies...notability
    • I think we get confused by notability
    • I believe that nearly everything is notable
    • I do not like the idea that something has to be different to get a mention. If it exists we should have an article on it
    • Although I am happy to suggest that all sports pages are inherently not notable!
    • And computer games too!
    • Lets make anything that has a page on any wikipedia automatically notable here
    • But lets have a new category for deletion - poor quality
    • Even if the topic is notable, a one sentence stub just doesn't have quality. Maybe a short paragraph should be the minimum standard for keeping an article.
  • Any last things you would like to say?
    • Last things...did I mention I used to play in a rock and roll band?
    • (Pmlineditor) No :P
    • Slick backed hair and pointy shoes!
  • Thanks for the interview, Peter.
    • Anytime PM

Well, thanks for that! Join us next time for more interviews! Pmlineditor  10:11, 20 March 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]