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The Simple News

For this edition Yotcmdr interviewed Pmlinediter.

  1. Okay: First things first, tell us about yourself, where you are from, what do you do (ie School/Work)
  2. So, What got you involved in editing Wikipedia?
    • Well, one day, I Googled "The Lightning Thief" and the first result was Wikipedia. I found a minor error in the article and was wondering how to fix it when I saw the edit this page option. I made several edits under my IPs before finally creating my account last December.
  3. What sort of things are you most involved in, with Wikipedia?
    • At SEWP, I'm most active with DYK. I also do vandalism reversions & QD tagging. I occassionally work on WP:PGA or may create few stubs. And of course, SN. Back at enWP, I work at WP:NOVELS
      • Yes, Simple News is Very important, we all know that :D
      • Yes, it is!
  4. What do you like the most about Wikipedia?
    • I like editing here since it is nice to write something which will probably be helpful to several people afterwards. I like the concept of WikiProjects which helps collaborating with users to improve articles which all of them are interested in. And I love the concept of the "free encyclopedia" written by the people and for the people.
      • Yes I love editing too!
    • Who doesn't? I rarely read articles as I prefer editing them.
  5. In Which areas should we spend more time? Making articles longer, making (V)GAs or writing new articles?
    • Well, I'll say making articles longer (that's why I asked all to join WP Stub Eradication). Personally, I feel that creating articles is easy, especially stubs, but the difficult task is expanding them. And while expanding, if the article reaches Ga, then its good.
      • Yes, I totally agree :) Join the Wikiproject!
  6. What do you like the least about Wikipedia?
    • Well, of course the drama, the vandals and the sockpuppeteers. Like the drama a couple of days ago, regarding BG7; Incidents that are harmful to WP.
      • Everyone hates those kind of things I guess!
  7. What do you get up to on the internet, other than Wikipedia?
    • Apart from WP, I spend my time at Softpedia, at Yahoo! Answers,,
  8. Now is your chance to plug something of yours on Wikipedia, a favourite edit, something you have done that you are proud of or even off-wiki that you would like to mention?
    • Well, I'll say my Qd tag on Wijerd Jelckama. Yes, I accept, it wasn't very good for the project that an article was deleted, that too a PGA. However, if it stayed, it would have ruined our image.
      • I tend to disagree, but anyway !
    • enWP could call us cheats who copy their articles and showcase it as GAs.
  9. Finally, have you ever thought of running for adminship?
    • Yes. I though about running for it few weeks later, but I feel like starting my RfA now since we need more admins. BG7's retirement left us in more need for that.
      • I'm sure you'd make a great admin, and I wish you the best of luck in a future RFA !
    • Thanks!
      • Thanks for your time.

Join us next time for another interview! Yotcmdr =talk to the commander= 11:10, 5 July 2009 (UTC)