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The Simple News

Welcome to another QandA column! This time Yotcmdr is interviewing Bluegoblin7! Lets read all about him...

Yotcmdr: Okay, First things first, tell us about yourself, where you are from, what do you do (ie School/Work)?

Bluegoblin7: OK, well on-wiki I'm known as Bluegoblin7, and my real name is Jack Gordon. I live in Derbyshire in the UK and I was born in London. I'm currently in in secondary education (GCSEs) and I'm studying Drama, ICT and Geography as my personal choices.

Yot: Interesting!

Yot: What got you involved in editing Wikipedia?

Bluegoblin7: The first edit I remember making to Wikipedia was as an IP. I didn't know anything about it and saw the edit button. I clicked it, and went on to delete a large amount of text and insert gibberish. That article was Island_Line,_Isle_of_Wight.

BG: I then decided to create an account in Feb 2007.

BG: And joined a wikiproject.

Yot: Mhhh, you naughty vandal!

BG: (laughs) Didn't most people start out as a vandal? And it wasn't intentional!

Yot: I don't know, I didn't!

BG: However, i didn't do much for a few months, before i massively expanded en:National Tramway Museum and got more involved. Everything sort of branched from there!

Yot: Good, good!

BG: I became active at SEWP in October 2008 after getting disillusioned with the English project

Yot: Ok!

Yot: Very well, let's continue

Yot: What sort of things are you most involved in, with Wikipedia?

BG: At the SEWP I'm most active with this newsletter, Simple News, our DYK section, and I also run 3 (Soon to be 5!) bots

BG: I also create articles, participate in discussions and revert vandalism, and I'm active in our (V)GA areas and help clerk there mainly.

Yot: OK, good

Yot: And are there any topics that interest you particularly?

BG: Yes, my favourite topic is transport, primarly in Britain and particularly heritage tramways and historical tramways; also British Rail.

Yot: Great!

BG: I also have an interest in BBC television programmes as well as English, in particular novels and novelists

Yot: Really, which BBC television programmes?

BG: Well BBC wise things like Spooks, Hustle, Silent Witness, etc.

Yot: Is there anything you'd change at SEWP?

BG: Yes, there's an awful lot I'd like to change at SEWP at the moment.

Yot: Could you expand?

BG: As I'm sure everyone is aware we have recently lost several of our best editors and I'm sure many more are on their way out...

BG: This is due to all the drama that has plagued the wiki recently, RfA, FR, Tharnton etc.

BG: No wiki is gonna be drama free.

BG: But we can minimise it by certain users just not making a fuss at any little thing

Yot: Yes, I agree.

Yot: Is there anything you'd like to add about yourself, something uncommon you know or that you can do?

BG: Erm... not really I'd just like to plug Simple Wikibooks and YourWiki and also mention if you need help or a bot task running... just give me a shout!

Yot: Ok, Thanks you very much for your time.

BG: You're welcome!

Thanks BG! Look out for more QandA interviews soon! Yotcmdr =talk to the commander= 13:34, 1 February 2009 (UTC)