Zapatista Army of National Liberation

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Flag of the EZLN.

The EZLN, in Spanish Ejército Zapatista de la Liberación Nacional, or Zapatista Army of National Liberation is a human rights organization led by the indigenous people of the Chiapas Mountains in the southeast of Mexico. The name Zapatista refers to Emiliano Zapata who was a leader of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. It was formed in 1994

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos[change | change source]

Though the movement has many leaders, both women and men, Marcos has become the unofficial spokesperson for the movement. This is because he is very well educated, a good public speaker, and has written letters to and worked with writers and intellectuals from all over the world. He signs almost all of his letters with "Subcomandante Marcos, from the mountains of the southeast of Mexico." He is wearing a ski-mask in every picture and video of him and ski-masks have become a symbol of the EZLN in Mexico, as the majority of its supporters also wear them. Followers of the EZLN also paint murals of Marcos in his mask and Emiliano Zapata to show their support.

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