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Zatch Bell! is an animated television series, anime, and manga. The series is about a teenage boy, named Kiyo, who found this boy named "Zatch". Zatch is actually a Mamodo. He came from the Mamodo World where hundreds of other Mamodos came from. However, another Mamodo, named Zeno, somehow erased Zatch's memory. Zatch can not remember anything of his past in the Mamodo World. The reason why all the Mamodos are in the real world is to battle. When one enters the world, they must find a human to be their partner and to use a book of spells that came with them. Only humans can read the spells and cause the Mamodo to do a certain action. Examples of these spells would be to create a lightning bolt, create a shield, or move very fast. As a person becomes stronger physically and emotionally new spells are written into the book so that the human can read and use them.

By burning the book, the Mamodo gets sent back to the Mamodo World. If the Mamodo gets badly beaten, he will also be sent away. The last Mamodo standing will be 'King' of the Mamodos. Zatch decides that he wants to be a Belovelent King or Kind King to stop all the battles. In their adventure, they come across many enemies and allies.

Characters[change | change source]

Zatch Bell[change | change source]

Zatch Bell is main character of this story.

Kiyo Takamine[change | change source]

Kiyo Takamine is another main character of this story. He is the partner of Zatch Bell. And he is very cool.

Tia[change | change source]

Tia is one of Zatch's friends.

Megumi[change | change source]

Megumi is one of Kiyo's friends. She is the partner of Tia. And she is a famous Japanese idol.

Zofis[change | change source]

Zofis is one of main antagonists. He is evil genius. He likes manipulate others.

Koko[change | change source]

Koko is the partner of Zofis.

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