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This box shows the color burgundy.
This box shows the color vivid burgundy.

Burgundy is a deep shade of red. It is named after Burgundy wine. This wine is named after the Burgundy region of France.

Meaning of burgundy[change | edit source]

  • Burgundy is a popular color in both men's and women's fashion, for furniture and for linens.
  • In cosmetology, a brighter shade of burgundy called "vivid burgundy" is used for dyeing hair. [1]
  • Venezuela's athletes traditionally wear burgundy uniforms in international competitions.

Because of this people give them the nickname "Red Wine".

Tones of burgundy color comparison chart[change | edit source]

Light Burgundy (Burgundy Light) (Xona.com color list) (Hex: BC5235) (RGB: 188, 82, 53)
Vivid Burgundy (www.99colors.net) (Hex: 9F1D35) (RGB: 159, 29, 35)
BURGUNDY (www.99colors.net) (Maerz & Paul) (Hex:800020) (RGB: 100, 55, 32)
Deep Burgundy (Burgundy) (Xona.com color list) (Hex: 770F05) (RGB: 119, 15, 5)
Medium Burgundy (Hex: 63313A) (RGB: 99, 49, 58)
Old Burgundy (ISCC-NBS) (Hex: 43302E) (RGB: 67, 31, 26)

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