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A drawing of a Furry person (Fursona) with human hair and eyes, and animal ears and face.
Furry is also a word that describes something covered with Fur.

Furry is a type of art with fictional (make-believe) cartoon animals that act like people.

Like manga, there are many different stories with furry people in them. Furry art is often found in comic books, comic strips, stories for children, video games, and toys, as well as autobiographical (from real life) stories such as Maus.

Another good word for furry is anthropomorphic (people-like), a word that is good for non-animal and non-living things that act like people as well.

Furry people in artwork are also known as furries. The word furries is also used to talk about people in real life who like artwork of furry people.

Some real life furries wear ears and tails, or fur clothes called fursuits, because they enjoy looking similar to animals. The fur is not usually real, instead it is made from thin plastic fibres (threads).

What is Furry?[change | change source]

a furry at Anthrocon 2007.

These are reasons why an animal character might be called a furry:

  • Not all furs have a fursuit
  • They're just as smart as normal people
  • They show emotion like people do, like smiling and frowning
  • They can talk like people talk
  • They can walk on two legs like people walk
  • They wear clothes, like shirts and pants, like people wear

Stories about people who are only part animal, like werewolves (half-wolf people), can be called "furry" too.

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