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Liquid honey.

Honey is a solid or liquid food that is made by honeybees by transforming nectar. Then, they put the honey into a honeycomb. Honey is sweet and can be used instead of sugar. Honey is first mentioned in the Book of Exodus, and is often associated with pleasant and comfortable things. "Land of Milk and honey". It is also referenced in the Qur'an, with similar associations to good and evil being.

Much like wine, there are several varieties of honey with different tastes, colors and textures. Some common types are derived from bees who use the clover flower's pollen. It is thick and has a medium color. It tends to crystallize/granulate more quickly when exposed to air. Acacia flowers produce another common variety.

Some flowers, such as azaleas, and rhododendron, lend toxic properties to the honey, that are harmful to humans, but does not affect the bees. The resulting feeling is similar to using hallucinogens, producing erratic and uncontrollable behaviors.