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LGBT, alternately LGBT+, LGBTQIA, or LGBTQIA+, is an acronym associated with sexuality. It means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. The acronym refers to a community. People who are LGBT are romantically and/or sexually attracted to people of their own gender (also called the matter of sexual orientation); or they behave in a way that most people of their gender would not behave (also called the matter of gender identity).

Much of the LGBT community makes this acronym longer, adding one or more of:

So it can be written LGBTQIA.[1] Not everyone agrees what should be in the acronym.

This word and idea of "LGBT" also used documents of international law on human rights such as, the Declaration of Montreal, the Yogyakarta Principles. The acronym LGBTI is always used in the Activist's Guide to the Yogyakarta Principles.[2]

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