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Project management is the way a person organizes and manages resources that are necessary to complete a project.

A project is something other than a process or an operation, which are long ongoing functional work to create the same product or service over and over again. The management of a project is very different and requires other technical skills.

Technical skills must be used in project management.

The first thing which should be considered in project management is that the project is delivered within the existing limitations. The second thing is the best possible distribution of resources. Project management is the art of controlling both of these things during the length of the project, from when it is started until when it is finished.[1]

A project manager needs to have open experience on management skills while working on projects, he/she also needs a good understanding of the tasks and skills needed and also the tasks that are involved in an IT project and roughly how long the tasks are going to take, also the Project Manager will have to have a variety of good organisational skills and efficiency skills when on the job.

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