1957–1958 influenza pandemic

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1957–1958 influenza pandemic
Asian flu in Sweden 1957 (2).jpg
Sick people in Sweden in a stadium that has been made into a hospital
Virus strainInfluenza H2N2 virus
DateFebruary 1957-1958 (Possible 1959)

The 1957-58 influenza pandemic, also called Asian flu was a time when many people caught H2N2 influenza A and became sick. Westerners first learned about this influenza when it was in Singapore. It killed 1.1 million people.[1]

The influenza virus that caused the pandemic had an HA antigen and NA antigen that scientists had never seen before, so they named it "H2N2."[2]

The 1957 influenza pandemic was the first time scientists truly studied how influenza could move through large groups of people who had not had vaccines that worked against it yet.[2]

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