1974 FIFA World Cup Final

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1974 FIFA World Cup Final
Event 1974 FIFA World Cup
Date 7 July 1974
Venue Olympiastadion, Munich
Man of the Match Gerd Müller
Referee Jack Taylor (England)
Attendance 75,200

The 1974 FIFA World Cup Final was the final match of the 1974 FIFA World Cup. The match was played with the teams West Germany and the Netherlands. The West Germans won the match 2–1, winning their second world cup title.

Match Summary[change | change source]

Early in the match, a penalty was given to the Netherlands after Uli Hoeneß fouled Johan Cruijff. The Dutch quickly scored and made the score 1–0. Twenty minutes later, Wim Jansen fouled Bernd Hölzenbein giving West Germany a penalty as well. West Germany then scored, making it 1–1. Gerd Müller then scored the winner for West Germany at the 43rd minute. This would be his last goal for West Germany, as he retired shortly after the tournament. Although the second half was full of chances, no team managed to score, and West Germany then won the match 2–1.

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