Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Panoramic view of Aberdeen Harbour
Panoramic view of Aberdeen Harbour
Coordinates: Coordinates: 22°14′52″N 114°09′06″E / 22.24778°N 114.15167°E / 22.24778; 114.15167
CountryHong Kong
IslandHong Kong Island
 • Total163,459
Time zoneUTC+8 (HKT)
Area code(s)852

Aberdeen is a town and area in Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

Aberdeen usually refers to the town but it can also be used to refer to the areas Wong Chuk Hang, Ap Lei Chau and Tin Wan. The population of Aberdeen was 163,459 in 2011.[1] Aberdeen Harbour is the harbor between the town and Ap Lei Chau. It is a popular tourist spot and is one of the nine harbors in Hong Kong. Aberdeen is also known for its floating village which has around 600 junks and 6,000 people living there. The town was named after George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen; the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1852 to 1855.[2]

Aberdeen attracts many tourists because it is close to Ocean Park. It also attracts many tourists because of its floating village and floating restaurants on the water. There are some people that live on boats in the harbour.

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