Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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Theresa May, who has been Prime Minister since 2016.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the Head of government of the United Kingdom. The current Prime Minister is Theresa May, who took over from David Cameron on 13 Jul 2016.

The Prime Minister is the leader of the political party which wins most seats- spaces on the chairs in the house of Commons, after they are elected to tell other politicians about problems in their local area- in the House of Commons. Voters vote for their own local MP, not for the Prime Minister.

The first Prime Minister was Robert Walpole in the eighteenth century, but he was known as the First Lord of the Treasury. The first person to be officially called "Prime Minister" was Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman in 1905.

Other well-known prime ministers include Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. The Prime ministers live in No.10 Downing Street while in office.

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