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Abydos King List (Ramesses II)

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Fragmentary Abydos King's List from the temple of Ramesses II at Abydos, now at the British Museum.

The Abydos King List of Ramesses II, also known as the Fragmentary Abydos King List or the Fragmentary Abydos Table, is a list of kings of Ancient Egypt. Just like with the Abydos King List created by Seti I, Ramesses II's copy also lists pharaohs of ancient pharaohs. Due to it's condiction and it being a copy of Seti's list, Ramesses's list is often ignored. The fragments of his lists were removed by the French consul and sold to the British Museum..

It was written on a wall of the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos, Egypt. The surviving list has two rows of cartouches (borders around the name of a king) in each row. The upper two rows list the kings, while the third row repeats Ramesses II's throne name and praenomen.

It lists the Old Kingdom kings in the order in which they ruled. Due to it's condiction, not all pharaohs have their names on the list.

This names of some earlier pharaohs who were not seen to be lawful rulers — such as Akhenaten, Hatshepsut, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamen, and Ay, have been left out of the list.

The king list[change | change source]

Drawing of the Fragmentary Abydos King List based on photographs and drawings from 1842.

The names are listed in reverse chronological order from the upper right to the bottom left, as they were meant to be read.

Upper row Middle row
No. Pharaoh Name written in the list No. Pharaoh Name written in the list
1-8 Names destroyed. Names destroyed. 27-34 Names destroyed. Names destroyed.
9 Name destroyed. Name destroyed. 35 Amenemhat II Nebukaura
10 Name destroyed. Name destroyed. 36 Senusret II Khakheperura
11 Name destroyed. Name destroyed. 37 Senusret III Khakaura
12 Name destroyed. Name destroyed. 38 Amenemhat III Nimaatra
13 Merenre Nemtyemsaf II Merenre Saemsaf 39 Amenemhat IV Maakherura
14 Netjerkare Netjerka(ra) 40 Ahmose I Nebpehtyra
15 Menkare Menkara 41 Amenhotep I Djoserkara
16 Neferkare II Neferkare 42 Thutmose I Aakheperkara
17 Neferkare Neby Neferkara Nebseneb 43 Thutmose II Aakheperenra
18 Djedkare Shemai Djedkara Shemai 44 Thutmose III Menkheperra
19 Neferkare Khendu Neferkara Khendu 45 Amenhotep II Aakheperura
20 Merenhor Merenhor 46 Thutmose IV Menkheperura
21 Neferkamin Seneferka 47 Amenhotep III Nebmaatra
22 Nikare Nikara 48 Horemheb Djoserkheperu Setepenre
23 Neferkare Tereru Neferkara Tereru 49 Ramesses I Menpehtira
24 Neferkahor Neferka(Hor) 50 Seti I Menmaatra
25 Neferkare Pepiseneb Neferkara Pepiseneb 51 Ramesses II Usermaatra-setepenra
26 Neferkamin Anu Sneferka Anu 52 Ramesses II Ramesses Meryamun

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