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Adolf Hitler Uunona is a civil rights activist and politician from Namibia. Also known as “Adolf Hitler of Africa”. He is the councillor of Ompundja constituency of Namibia. He was elected as the regional representative of SWAPO at the constituency of Ompundja in the Oshana regional council elections in 2010[1], 2015[2] and also 2020 with 85 percent of the vote.[3] In November 2020, he gained 1,196 votes and won the local election. He became famous in other countries after people discovered he has the same name as Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.[4][5]

Uunona says his father probably did name him after Adolf Hitler but does not think he father knew who Adolf Hitler was at the time. "It wasn't until I was growing up that I realised: This man wanted to subjugate the whole world," he said. Uunona usually goes by the first name "Adolf" alone or "Adolf Uunona" while in public. He says he has no plans to change his name. German names like "Adolf" are common in Namibia. This is because Namibia was once a German colony called German South West Africa between the years 1884 and 1915[3] under the German Empire (Second Reich).

Adolf H. Uunona
File:Adolf Uunona.jpg
Uunona in 2020
SWAPO Councillor
In office
Since 2004
PresidentHage Geingob
Prime MinisterSaara Kuugongelw
Vice PresidentNangolo Mbumba
Opponent(s)Mumbala Abner
ConstituencyOmpundja constituency
Personal details
South West Africa (now Namibia)
Political partySWAPO

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