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Alex shortened version of the male name Alexander or the female version Alexandria. Both names mean "protector of men" or "defender of men".

Art and entertainment[change | change source]

  • Alex Cox (born 1954), British film director
  • Alex Grey (born 1953), American artist
  • Alex Kapranos (born 1972), Greek/British singer for the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand
  • Alex Lifeson (born 1953), Canadian guitarist for the rock band Rush
  • Alex Naumik (born 1951), Polish Norwegian funk rock musician
  • Alex Pettyfer (born 1990), English actor who plays Alex Rider in the film Stormbreaker
  • Alex Trebek (born 1940), Canadian/American TV personality and game show host
  • Alex Turner (musician) (born 1986), English singer for the Arctic Monkeys
  • Alex Van Halen (born 1953), Dutch/American drummer with the band Van Halen
  • Alex Varkatzas (born 1982), American lead vocalist with the alternative metal band Atreyu
  • Alex Jolig (born 1963), German actor, singer and motorcycle racer
  • Alex Webster (born 1969), American bassist for the death metal band Cannibal Corpse
  • Alex Murrin (born 1996), South African survived zombie apocalypse

Sport[change | change source]

  • Alex Rodriguez (born 1975), baseball player for the New York Yankees
  • Alex Shelley (born 1983), Patrick Martin, professional wrestler
  • Sir Alex Ferguson (born 1941), manager of Manchester United Football Club
  • Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa (born 1982), a central defender for Chelsea F.C. and the Brazil national football team
  • Alessandro dos Santos (born 1977), a defensive midfielder for Red Bull Salzburg and the Japan national football team
  • Alexandro de Souza (born 1977), an attacking midfielder for Fenerbahçe S.K.
  • Alex McLeish (born 1959), Scottish footballer and manager of the national side for 10 months
  • Alex Menzies (c.1932- 1990), Scottish professional footballer
  • Alex Raphael Meschini (born 1982), Brazilian football player currently playing for Internacional

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