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Alex is a given name. It can refer to a shortened version of Alexander, Alexandra, Alexis.

People[change | change source]

Multiple[change | change source]

Politicians[change | change source]

Baseball players[change | change source]

American football[change | change source]

Association footballers[change | change source]

Basketball players[change | change source]

  • Alex King (basketball) (born 1985), German basketball player
  • Alex Len (born 1993), Ukrainian basketball player
  • Alex Poythress (born 1993), American-Ivorian basketball player for Maccabi Tel Aviv
  • Alex Tyus (born 1988), American-Israeli professional basketball player

Boxers[change | change source]

Motorsports[change | change source]

Other sports[change | change source]

Arts and entertainment[change | change source]

Other[change | change source]

  • Alex Aïnouz (born 1982), French culinary YouTuber
  • Alex Azar (born 1967), American government official and lawyer
  • Alex Balfanz (born 1999), American video game developer
  • Alex Ferrer (born 1960), a Cuban-born judge currently residing in Miami, Florida
  • Alex Konanykhin (born 1966), Russian Entrepreneur, former banker
  • Alex McCool (1923–2020), American NASA manager
  • Alex Stokes (born 1996), American internet celebrity
  • Alex Wagner (born 1977), American journalist

Animals[change | change source]

  • Alex (parrot) (1976–2007), an African Grey Parrot and the subject of language experiments

Fictional characters[change | change source]

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