Alfheim Stadion

Coordinates: 69°38′56.23″N 18°56′4.49″E / 69.6489528°N 18.9345806°E / 69.6489528; 18.9345806
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69°38′56.23″N 18°56′4.49″E / 69.6489528°N 18.9345806°E / 69.6489528; 18.9345806

Alfheim Stadion

Romssa Arena is a football stadium located in Tromsø, Norway; Until 2023, its name was Alfheim Stadion.[1] It is the home stadium of Tromsø IL, a Norwegian professional football club that currently competes in the Eliteserien. The stadium has a seating capacity of 6,691 and features an artificial turf ground.[2] It is the second northernmost stadium to have been used in European football after the Finnmarkshallen, which is located 170 kilometres (110 mi) to the northeast in Alta, Norway, and is home to Alta IF.[3] The stadium was built in the 1960s and was upgraded in the 1980s, including the building of artificial turf in 2006, to address issues with the condition of the natural grass pitch during the winter months.

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