Aragón (river)

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Aragón river valley in the Huesca province
Watershed of the Aragón (in dark yellow)
Physical characteristics
 - locationCentral Pyrenees
 - locationEbro River
Basin features
ProgressionEbroMediterranean Sea

The Aragón River (Spanish: Río Aragón; Basque: Aragon Ibaia) is a river in northern Spain. It is one of the left-hand tributaries of the river Ebro.

The river gave its name to the historic Kingdom of Aragon and, then, to the modern Autonomous Community of Aragón.

Geography[change | change source]

The Aragón river is 190 kilometres (118 miles) long. Its drainage basin has an area, including the area of the Arga river, of 8,609 square kilometres (3,324 square miles); without the Arga river, its chief tributary,[1] the area is 5,850 square kilometres (2,259 square miles).[2]

The areas of the different parts of the watershed of the Aragón River are:[2]

Watershed Area
Upper Aragón 2,196
Iratí river 1,594
Cidacos river 490
Arga river 2,760
Whole Aragón
(with Arga)

Course[change | change source]

The source of the Aragón river is in the Astún Valley, in the Pyrenees, in the Huesca province (Aragon) next to the border with France, at an altitude of 2,050 metres (6,726 feet).

It leaves the high mountains and flows to the south through the Canfranc valley and then turns to the west in Jaca. In Jaca, its discharge is 8.15 cubic metres per second (288 cubic feet per second) but it is increased by some tributaries as Gas, Lubierre, Candanchú, Estarrún, Aragón Subordán, Aragón Veral and Esca. When the river gets into Yesa, where is the Yesa dam, the discharge is 38 cubic metres per second (1,300 cubic feet per second).[3]

Below the dam, the Aragón river flows to the southwest into Navarre, and finally flows into the Ebro river at Milagro, where the discharge is 140 cubic metres per second (4,900 cubic feet per second).[3]

The main tributaries of the Aragón river are in Navarre; these are Iratí, Cidacos and Arga.

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