Arc the Lad

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Arc the Lad
GenresTactical role-playing
CreatorsToshiro Tsuchida
Platform of originPlayStation
Year of inception1995
First releaseArc the Lad
Latest releaseArc the Lad R

Arc the Lad (Aku za raddou, Aku za raddo) is a series of Tactical role-playing video games, created by Toshiro Tsuchida and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The first three games are exclusively in Japan, while North America distributed/releases as compilations called Arc the Lad Collection. Then follwed by two sequels, called: Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, and Arc the Lad: End of Darkness. The latest of the series is Arc the Lad R, the game releases to the Android and iOS.

List of Games[change | change source]

Anime adaptation[change | change source]

Arc the Lad has also been an adaptaion into anime. It was produced by Bee Train, and directed by Isuro Kawasaki. The series ran on Japan's WOWOW satelite network starts from April 5, 1999, to October 10, 1999 (as a part of Anime Complex omnibius series). A North American release was produced by ADV Films and aired on the Anime News Network.

Music[change | change source]

The opening theme of the anime is Arc the Lad Theme Song by Masahiro Andoh, and two ending theme by NiNa: Happy Tomorrow (episodes 01-12, 26) and Rest in Peace (episodes 13-25).

Arc the Lad: Kijin Fukkatsu[change | change source]

Arc the Lad: Kijin Fukkatsu
Cattle Call
Designer(s)Toshiro Tsuchida Edit this on Wikidata
SeriesArc the Lad
Platform(s)WonderSwan Color, SwanCrystal
ReleaseJP: July 4, 2002
Genre(s)Tactical role-playing

Arc the Lad: Kijin Fukkatsu (Aku za Raddo: Kijin Fukkatsu) is a simulation RPG, developed by G-Craft and Cattle Call and also published by Bandai. The game was planned for SwanCrystal and WonderSwan Color, released in 2002. The characters focused on Edda (voiced by Masakata Nakai) and Kirika (voiced by Naomi Wakabayashi).

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