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Ernst-Happelstadium- most of the finals since 1931 were held here
SK Sturm Graz winner 2010
SV Ried winner 2011

The Austrian Cup (German: ÖFB-Cup) is an football (soccer) competition held by the Austrian Football Association, the ÖFB. It was played by male teams. For women there is the ÖFB-LadiesCup. Although it has a long tradition the Cup never played an important role in Austrian football.

History[change | change source]

The Austrian Cup emerged from the Lower Austria Cup (Niederösterreichischen Cup, held 1915–1918). The first cup was played 1919 and was held since then each year. Only from 1938 to 1945 it was suspended, because Austria was a part of Nazigermany. Also from 1950 till 1958 there was no competition because the ÖFB was not interested in. In 2008 the clubs of the Bundesliga and the first division did not take part due to the UEFA Euro 2008.

Finals[change | change source]

  • 1939 - 1945: Austrian clubs took part in German competition / World War II

  • 1950 - 1958: No competition held (as deemed uninteresting by the association)

Winners[change | change source]

17 different teams had won at least one time:

  • 27 FK Austria Wien
  • 14 SK Rapid Wien
  • 6 FC Wacker Innsbruck
  • 5 SK Admira Wien
  • 4 SK Sturm Graz, Grazer AK
  • 3 First Vienna FC 1894, WAC
  • 2 SV Ried
  • 1 FC Kärnten, SC Wacker Wien, Wiener Sport-Club, Linzer ASK, FC Swarovski Tirol, Wiener AF, Kremser SC, SV Stockerau

Doubles (Champion and Cup)[change | change source]

  • 10 FK Austria Wien
  • 6 SK Rapid Wien
  • 4 SK Admira Wien
  • 2 FC Wacker Innsbruck
  • 1 Grazer AK, Linzer ASK, FC Swarovski Tirol, Sturm Graz,SC Wacker Wien

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