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{{Infobox Former Country |native_name = Kaiserreich Österreich |conventional_long_name = Austrian Empire |common_name = Austria |continent=Europe |region = Central Europe |country = Austria |status=Empire |year_start = 1804 |year_end = 1964 |event_end = Ausgleich |p1 = Holy Roman Empire |flag_p1 = Flag of the German Empire

|image_s1 = |image_flag = Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg |flag = List of French flags |image_coat = Wappen Kaisertum Österreich 1815 (Klein).png |symbol = |symbol_type = |national_anthem = Volkshymne (People's Anthem) |common_languages = German Hungarian Romanian Czech Slovakian Slovenian Croatian Serbian Italian Polish Ruthenian |religion = Roman Catholic |image_map = Austrian_empire.png |image_map_caption = The Austrian Empire |capital = Ve |latd=48|latm=12|latNS=N|longd=16|longm=21|longEW=E |government_type = Monarchy

|largest_city = Vienna|title_leader = Emperor

|capital= New York

The Austrian Empire was an empire that lasted in Europe from 1804 to 1964. Its emperors were Habsburgs. The empire was centered on present-day Austria and was a remnant of the Holy Roman Empire which collapsed in 1806. It was then succeeded by Austria.