Azerbaijan Supercup

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The Azerbaijan Supercup (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Milli Futbol Superkuboku) is a football competition. It is held at the beginning of each football season. It is between the winners of the Azerbaijani Premier League and the winners of the Azerbaijan Cup.

History[change | change source]

Neftchi Baku holds the record for winning the Supercup the most times. They have won it two times since the competition began in 1993. In 1994, Qarabağ were awarded automatically with the Supercup after the team won both the domestic title and the Azerbaijan Cup.

In 2013, the Professional Football League of Azerbaijan decided to restore the Azerbaijan Supercup.[1][2] Khazar Lankaran were the first winners of the restored Supercup.

Winners[change | change source]

Year Winner Score Finalist
1993 Neftchi Baku 4:1 Inshaatchi Baku
1994 Qarabağ No competition.
1995 Neftchi Baku 1:1 (p.10–9) Turan
1996 No competition. Neftchi Baku (Premier League and Azerbaijan Cup)
1998 No competition. Kapaz (Premier League and Azerbaijan Cup)
2004 No competition. Neftchi Baku (Premier League and Azerbaijan Cup)
2007 No competition. Khazar Lankaran (Premier League and Azerbaijan Cup)
2013 Khazar Lankaran 2:1 Neftchi Baku
2014 Qarabağ Neftchi Baku

Total Titles[change | change source]

Club Titles
Neftchi Baku 2
Qarabağ 1
Khazar Lankaran 1

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