Baudouin I of Belgium

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King of the Belgians
Baudouin 1969.jpg
King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola
Reign17 July 1951 - 31 July 1993
(42 years, 14 days)
Born7 September 1930
BirthplaceLaeken, Belgium
Died31 July 1993(1993-07-31) (aged 62)
Place of deathMotril, Spain
PredecessorLeopold III
SuccessorAlbert II
ConsortFabiola de Mora y Aragón
Royal HouseSaxe-Coburg and Gotha
FatherLeopold III
MotherAstrid of Sweden
Signature1992 signature of King Baudouin of Belgium.jpg

Baudouin I (French: Baudouin Albert Charles Léopold Axel Marie Gustave or Dutch: Boudewijn Albert Karel Leopold Axel Marie Gustaaf) (7 September 1930 – 31 July 1993) was the King of the Belgians from 1951 to 1993.[1]

The king was the oldest son of King Leopold III (1901-1983) and his first wife, Princess Astrid of Sweden (1905-1935).

On 15 December 1960, Baudouin was married in Brussels to Doña Fabiola de Mora y Aragón. The King and Queen had no children. All of the Queen's five pregnancies ended in miscarriage.[2] Badouin died of heart failure. Having had no children, the crown passed on to his brother, Albert II of Belgium, following his death.

During Baudouin's reign the colony of Belgian Congo became independent.

Titles and styles[change | change source]

  • 7 September 1930 – 17 February 1934: His Royal Highness The Count of Hainaut
  • 17 February 1934 – 10 August 1950: His Royal Highness The Duke of Brabant
  • 10 August 1950 – 17 July 1951: His Royal Highness The Prince Royal, Duke of Brabant
  • 17 July 1951 – 31 July 1993: His Majesty The King of the Belgians

References[change | change source]

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Preceded by
Leopold III
King of the Belgians
Baudouin I

Succeeded by
Albert II