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Graphic map of Grevenmacher in Luxembourg — the Grevenmacher district in dark grey and the Grevenmacher canton in dark red with the village of Biwer highlighted in orange
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Biwer is a commune and small town in eastern Luxembourg.[1]

The commune is in the canton of Grevenmacher,[2] which is part of the old district of Grevenmacher.[3] It is made up of Biwer, Boudler, Brouch, Hegelsdorf, Wecker and Weydig.[4]

In Biwer, the largest village of the commune, are every public buildings. There are the primary school called 'An der Wiss', the cultural centre 'Fancy', a swimming pool, a sports hall and a day-care centre.

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Coordinates: 49°42′N 6°22′E / 49.700°N 6.367°E / 49.700; 6.367