COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan

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COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
First outbreakWuhan, China
Index caseAmman
Arrival date2 March 2020
(2 years, 9 months and 5 days)
Confirmed cases540[1]
Active cases85
Government website

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic spread to Jordan on 2 March 2020, when the Ministry of Health confirmed the first case in the kingdom. As of May 2, Jordan had 460 confirmed cases, with 367 recovered and 9 deaths.

Cases[change | change source]

On 2 March, the Prime Ministry of Jordan reported the first case of coronavirus in Jordan.[2][3] The Jordanian had returned from Italy two weeks prior, before quarantine procedures for Jordanians returning from Italy had been put in place.[2][4][5]

On 22 March, there were 13 additional cases confirmed, one of the cases was for a 19-year-old man who came from Britain, and 5 more cases from Irbid's wedding, and 6 cases for people who were in close contact with a nurse who was infected, including an 83-year-old woman who was in mild to moderate condition, and one of unknown origin, bringing the total of the cases to 112.[6]

Death[change | change source]

On 28 March, the first death resulting from COVID-19 was confirmed in the kingdom. An 83-year-old woman who was admitted to a private hospital suffering from many illnesses along with blood poisoning.[7] Later in the evening, the total confirmed cases rose to 246 after 11 new cases were confirmed. Of those 11, 5 cases came from Irbid, 1 individual who was in close contact with an infected person, 1 woman who was in close contact with her infected daughter that was visiting from Norway, 3 cases from those already quarantined in hotels (2 of which came from the UK and 1 came from Baghdad, and the final remaining case is of unknown origin/cause, investigations are still ongoing.

The health Minister announced that there are 3 cases in serious conditions.[8]

Infection rate[change | change source]

On 8 May, 8 new cases were confirmed until noon. These are also linked to the recent discovery of an infected driver a couple of days ago in Mafraq.[9] 4 of these cases have been reported in Ramtha[10]

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