Caesars Palace Grand Prix

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Flag of Las Vegas, Nevada.svg Caesars Palace Grand Prix
Caesars Palace
Circuit Caesars Palace.png
Track information
Laps 75
Circuit length 3.650 km
Race length 273.750 km
Lap record (qualifying) 1:16.356 (1982)
France Alain Prost
France Renault
Lap record (race) 1:19.639 (1982)
Italy Michele Alboreto
United Kingdom Tyrrell-Ford

The Caesars Palace Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race in 1981 and 1982.

When Watkins Glen left the F1 schedule after 1980, the Caesars Palace GP took its place. The track was set up in the parking lot of the Caesars Palace hotel. It was surprisingly well set up for a temporary circuit. It was wide enough for passing, provided ample run-off areas filled with sand, and had a surface that was as smooth as glass. Its counter-clockwise direction put a tremendous strain on the drivers' necks. 1982 was the end of Formula One racing in Las Vegas. The races had drawn only tiny crowds.

Winners[change | change source]

By year[change | change source]

Year Race title Driver Constructor Track
1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix Australia Alan Jones United Kingdom Williams-Ford Caesars Palace
1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix Italy Michele Alboreto United Kingdom Tyrrell-Ford Caesars Palace