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Captain America is a fictional superhero from the Marvel Comics. He made his first appearance in the comic book Captain America Comics #1 in 1940. He wears a suit that is very similar to the American flag and has an indestructible shield with a bullseye and a star on the front of it. He is also known as his alter ego Steve Rogers. Captain America had a sidekick (friend), Bucky who later became the Winter Soldier. He is a very good fighter, both hand-to-hand and using his shield to take care of his enemies easily. Captain America has an enemy called Red skull.

He appeared in Marvel's The Avengers movie, and Captain America: The First Avenger, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, played by Chris Evans.

power and abilities

Captain America has superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, is nearly immortal and can live without eating, sleeping and resting.