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Departamento Central
Aerial view of Areguá
Aerial view of Areguá
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Central department in Paraguay
Location of Central, in red, in Paraguay
Coordinates: 25°18′S 57°25′W / 25.300°S 57.417°W / -25.300; -57.417Coordinates: 25°18′S 57°25′W / 25.300°S 57.417°W / -25.300; -57.417
Country Paraguay
Districts19 (See list)
 • Total2,465 km2 (952 sq mi)
 • Total2,297,739
 • Density930/km2 (2,400/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-04 (AST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-03 (ADT)
ISO 3166 codePY-11

Central (Spanish: Departamento Central) is a department in Paraguay. The capital is the city of Areguá. Its ISO 3166-2 code is PY-11.

The department has 2,297,739 inhabitants. That is more than any other department of Paraguay. The department is also the smallest of all the departments.

History[change | change source]

The Central Department, known as “Comarca Asuncena”, was the most populated country region in old times.

The towns of this department had different origin. Domingo Martínez de Irala started the towns of Itá, Ypané and Areguá in 1538 and 1539. Villeta was founded by the governor Juan Gregorio Bazán de Pedraza in 1714. Other towns were founded around chapels.

The towns of Nueva Italia, Colonia Thompson and Villa Elisa were already established as agricultural settlements in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. These were mainly settled by immigrants.

Geography[change | change source]

The Central department is in the central western part of the Oriental region. It is on the southern border of the Western region. It surrounds the capital, Asunción.

The department has an area of 2,465 km2 (952 sq mi). That is 0.61% of the area of Paraguay. Its estimated population in 2013 was 2,297,739. That gave a population density of 932.1 inhabitants per square kilometre.[1]

The Central department is relatively flat. It has only small hills. It has several rivers, as the Paraguay river, and streams flow through it. The Ypacaraí and Ypoá lakes are on the borders of the department.

Limits[change | change source]

Districts[change | change source]

The department is divided in 19 districts:

Districts of the Central department
No. Districts Area
1 Areguá 147.67 68,713 465.3
2 Capiatá 82.48 219,840 2,665.4
3 Fernando de la Mora 20.80 163,658 7,868.2
4 Guarambaré 29.82 31,839 1,067.7
5 Itá 183.84 73,979 402.4
6 Itauguá 103.74 97,592 940.7
7 Julián Augusto Saldívar 34.92 51,060 1,462.2
8 Lambaré 26.85 167,787 6,249.1
9 Limpio 114.97 127,221 1,106.6
10 Luque 147.29 258,910 1,757.8
11 Mariano Roque Alonso 39.45 95,506 2,420.9
12 Ñemby 28.86 122,658 4,250.1
13 Nueva Italia 362.71 11,736 32.4
14 San Antonio 25.91 60,875 2,349.5
15 San Lorenzo 56.17 250,646 4,462.3
16 Villa Elisa 17.60 74,564 4,236.6
17 Villeta 875.20 35,944 41.1
18 Ypacaraí 98.52 25,971 263.6
19 Ypané 52.29 46,885 896.6

Economy[change | change source]

Concrete factories in Villeta.

Industries include the processing of food, furniture, clothing, pharmaceutical production, metallurgic, plastic and ceramics. The city of Villeta has a large number of industries. Central is the second biggest economy of Paraguay.

Tourism[change | change source]

Laguna de Itá, Itá

The Central Department has many attractions for tourism. Among the most famous natural resources at an international level, is the Lago Ypacaraí. This lake is a very important natural attraction and the town of Areguá. The capital of the department is located on the banks of this lake

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