Chōkai gassan ryōsho-gu

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Chōkai gassan ryōsho-gu
DeityKuninotokotachi no Mikoto

Chokai Gassan Ryoshogu[1] (鳥海月山両所宮) is a Shinto shrine situated in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture. It used to be a prefectural shrine. Now it is a Beppyo shrine. It is also called Kichigotomiya and Takemon Kichitomiya.

It has a festival every July 1 of the lunar calendar, rice, cucumbers, eggplants, millet, and ears of rice are wrapped in paper and buried in the ground [2]

The name of the shrine in kanji is Chōkai Gassan Ryōshō-gū (鳥海月山両所宮). This is what the parts of its name mean. Chōkai (鳥海) is the name of the nearby Mount Chōkai, while Gassan (月山) is the name of the nearby Mount Gassan. Ryōshō (両所) means "two places", and gū (宮) means "shrine". This means that the name can be translated to "The Shrine of Two Places, Mount Chōkai and Mount Gassan". The name reflects the shrine's importance in the local Shinto tradition, as it is dedicated to the kami (gods) believed to protect both Mount Chōkai and Mount Gassan.

It enshrines the deities Kuninotokotachi no Mikoto of Ōmonoimi-jinja (Mount Chōkai) and Tsukuyomi of Gassan Shrine (Mount Gassan).

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