Charlotte's Web (2006 movie)

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Charlotte's Web
Directed by Gary Winick
Produced by Jordan Kerner
Screenplay by Susannah Grant
Karey Kirkpatrick
Narrated by Sam Shepard
Starring Dakota Fanning
Julia Roberts
Steve Buscemi
Cedric the Entertainer
John Cleese
Oprah Winfrey
Thomas Haden Church
Andre Benjamin
Reba McEntire
Kathy Bates
Robert Redford
Music by Danny Elfman
Cinematography Seamus McGarvey
Editing by Susan Littenberg
Sabrina Plisco
Studio Kerner Entertainment Company
Walden Media
Nickelodeon Movies
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) December 7, 2006 (2006-12-07) (Australia)
December 15, 2006 (2006-12-15) (United States)
Running time 97 minutes
Language English
Budget $85 million[1]
Money made $144,877,632

Charlotte's Web is a 2006 live-action/animated movie based on author E. B. White's book with the same name, released by Paramount Pictures with Walden Media, Kerner Entertainment Company, and Nickelodeon Movies on December 15, 2006. It stars Dakota Fanning as Fern and the voice of Julia Roberts as Charlotte and comes after an animated version from 1973.

The story[change | change source]

Wilbur is the pet piglet of a young girl named Fern Arable. Unfortunately, when he grows into an adult pig, Fern is forced to take him to the Zuckerman farm, where he will be made into food after a short time.

Charlotte A. Cavatica, a spider, lives in the space above Wilbur's sty in the Zuckermans' barn, she makes friends with Wilbur and chooses to help stop him being eaten. With the help of the other barn animals, including a rat named Templeton, she convinces the Zuckerman family that Wilbur is special by spelling out such descriptions as "Some Pig" in her web.

Sources[change | change source]

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