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Ci shrine

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Taipei Yuanshan Loyalty Shrine
Ci shrine

A Ci shrine, (祠), is a kind of religious building that originated in China. They are used for honoring people and ancestors.[1]

They are a kind of Chinese temple and are different from Miao Shrines which honor deities instead of people and ancestors.[2]

Ci shrines were often built by the public to worship public figures, sometimes living ones. In the Ming dynasty, the people of Teng County built a ci shrine to the life of Zhao Bangqing. Hero shrines were built to heroes who died for the country.[3] The Chinese hero cult honors such heroes at Ci shrines.[4]

The character for Ci shrine

Since ci and miao are similar, sometimes they are mixed together. Some ci shrines are dedicated to Confucian, Daoist, or Buddhist deities such as Wong Tai Sin Temple.[5]

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