Joss paper

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Joss paper
Traditional Chinese金紙
Simplified Chinese金纸
Literal meaninggold paper
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese陰司紙
Simplified Chinese阴司纸
Literal meaningnetherworld paper
Second alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese紙錢
Simplified Chinese纸钱
Literal meaningpaper money
Third alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese冥幣
Simplified Chinese冥币
Literal meaningshade/dark money

Joss paper is a type of paper that is burned as an offering during Chinese ancestral worship and in the worship of deities in Chinese folk religion. People believe it helps the dead get what they need in the afterlife. In Taiwan people spent US$400 million on Joss paper in 2014.[1]

Different types of spirit money are given to distinct types of spirits.[2][3][4][5] There are three main types of joss paper: cash (also known as copper), silver, and gold. Cash paper is given to newly deceased and unknown spirits. Golden joss paper is offered to deities such as the Jade Emperor. Silver joss paper is given only to ancestral spirits and other spirits. It is important to follow these distinctions. If you burn the wrong paper, it may confuse spirits or insult them.

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