County of Vaduz

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County of Vaduz
Flag of the County of Vaduz
Coat of arms

The County of Vaduz was a state located in the Holy Roman Empire from 1342 to 1719. Its capital was the town of Vaduz.

Location of the County of Vaduz within modern-day Liechtenstein

History[change | change source]

The County of Vaduz was located south of the Lordship of Schellenberg. It was ruled by a monarch titled by the "Count of Vaduz".

Vaduz was created in 1342 after the territory of the County of Werdenberg was split up.

After the line of succession of the Counts of Vaduz, the county was acquired by the Count of Salz, who also ruled over the Lordship of Schellenberg.

From 1613, the County's territory was sold numerous times. In 1699, the owner of Schellenberg sold the lordship to Prince Hans-Adam I. In 1719, Hans-Adam bought the County of Vaduz.

Hans-Adam combined Vaduz and Schellenberg to form the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Modern usage[change | change source]

The former boundaries of the County of Vaduz are currently used as the borders of the electoral district of Oberland.