Daddy Yankee

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Daddy Yankee
Daddy Yankee in 2019
Daddy Yankee in 2019
Background information
Birth nameRamón "Raymond" Ayala
Born (1977-02-03) February 3, 1977 (age 47)
Occupation(s)Reggaeton singer

Ramón "Raymond" Ayala, known as Daddy Yankee (born February 3, 1977)[1] in San Juan, Puerto Rico is a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer. Ayala is famous for making songs in both English and Spanish, but Spanish is used more than English.

Biography[change | change source]

During his childhood, Ramón grew up with the influence of his family musician, including those of his father and some members of his mother's family. At twelve, he began singing songs inspired by reggae and hip-hop.

Ramón wanted to become a professional baseball player, he will have to give up this goal after being shot in a neighborhood brawl when he was seventeen. He received two balls of AK-47, one touched his arm and the other touched him on the level of the right thigh, where he was wounded for life. After this incident, he will take a closer look at the underground rap movement, which was nascent at the time.

Career[change | change source]

He began his career flirting with hip-hop and with Latin rhythms like dancehall, but we can say that his greatest hits will come when he begins to perform and produce his Latin hip-hop songs. He will be one of the first artists to perform internationally in reggaeton music.

Ramón invested in the world of reggaeton for thirteen years before experiencing success. He first recorded with DJ Playero, of which he is the featured artist in a production called Playero 37, which will be released in 1992. He has also partnered with artists such as Laurena Snoop Dogg, Nicky Jam, Pitbull, Mey Vidal , DJ Blass, Eric DJ, Eliel, Nas, Tony Touch or members of the G-Unit, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck.

His album Barrio Fino is an essential music to the style: it comes from the deepest of his roots of his life but also his personal experience, in the neighborhoods or residential areas of Puerto Rico. The first excerpts from this album are titled Gasolina, King Daddy and No me dejes solo featuring Wisin y Yandel.

Daddy Yankee

Songs[change | change source]

His song, Impacto, released on the album El Cartel: The Big Boss of 2007, appears in the San Juan Sounds radio station's playlist of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned games.

In the Grand Theft Auto IV video game, Daddy Yankee lends his voice to the San Juan Sounds station where he acts as a DJ of the reggaeton radio station; the song "Impacto" also appears. This is an open-world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North.

Daddy Yankee's latest off-music project was the release of his Trilogy game, a 3D video game based on Tower Defense games. The game was successfully presented at the New York Comic Con and the 3D action video game impressed young and old alike. It was released on November 29, 2013 and also includes Ayala songs such as "Gasolina" and "Limbo".

In 2017, Daddy Yankee forms an amazing duet with Despacito in collaboration with Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, who is a hit in the world.

As an actor he also plays in American movies and series of commemoration Love, Glory and Beauty.

On April 28, 2016, Daddy Yankee received the Industry Leader Award at the 2016 Latin Billboard Awards.

After a long feud with Don Omar for ten years for the title "King of Reggaeton", Daddy Yankee and Don Omar announced in early 2016 at a press conference that they would perform together on stage in a series of concerts entitled The Kingdom World Tour. The announcement of the tour left many fans in disbelief because it sold in minutes in major cities like Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, New York. The concerts were structured like a boxing match, where the two artists were able to exchange musical tours, and fans voted for their winner in each city via an application designed for the event. "Two kings, one throne," said Pina Records founder Rafael Pina, who had a well-established relationship with both artists and who also came up with the concept of the tour. Speaking of the tour and his rivalry with Daddy Yankee, Don Omar said, "Let me clarify: I'm not his best friend, and he's not my best friend, but we respect each other. 'to be the best is what drove us to be better'.

Despacito[change | change source]

In 2017, Daddy Yankee, in collaboration with Latin pop singer Luis Fonsi, released the single "Despacito". It became the first Spanish-language song to reach number 1 of the Billboard Hot 100 since the song "Macarena" in 1996. The single has been a worldwide success. The official video of "Despacito" on YouTube was seen the billion times on April 20, 2017 after 97 days, becoming the second fastest video of the site to reach the milestone behind "Hello" Adele. His success led Daddy Yankee to become the most-watched artist in the world on the Spotify streaming service in June 2017, being the first Latin artist to do so.

In 2017, Daddy Yankee donated $100,000 to the Puerto Rico Food Bank following the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. The money provided food for about 9,000 families on the island.

Since October 2017. Barrio Fino and Barrio Fino on Directo have been the seventh and thirteenth best-selling Latin albums in the United States. During his career, 63 songs by Daddy Yankees found themselves in the Hot Latin Songs chart, including 24 in the top 10 and 5 in the first place. Daddy Yankee is the ninth musician with the most singles on Hot Latin Songs. Billboard hot 100 list contains 10 songs of musicians.

In August 2018, Daddy Yankee participates in the Janet Jackson video, Made for Now. That same year, Daddy Yankee received an Icon Award at the Latin American Music Awards, and in October 2018, he received the YouTube Creators' Trophy for having more than ten million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The song Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, has been inducted into the Guinness World Records 2019 edition for achieving seven milestones, while Daddy Yankee has been recognized for three other records.

In February 2021, Daddy Yankee released the single #Problema.

In April 2021, Daddy Yankee released the single El Pony.

In September 2021, Daddy Yankee released the single Métele All Perreo.

Achievements and recognitions[change | change source]

In February 2019, Daddy Yankee won a Lo Nuestro 2019 award for all of his works (Lifetime Achievement Award).

On April 17, 2019, the singer announces that a remix of his hit Con Calma will be released soon featuring with American singer Katy Perry. It is by posting a video on his account Instagram, listening to the remix, that he confirms the rumors. The two artists then followed each other on the social networks and began to make interactions announcing their collaboration.

On July 8, 2019, Daddy Yankee presents the HR Derby Champ Medallion Presentation to Pete Alonso after the MLB HR Derby victory.

In November 2019, Daddy Yankee inaugurated a reggaeton museum in Puerto Rico, the first of its kind.

Albums and Songs[change | change source]

  • No Mercy (1995)
  • El Cartel (1998)
  • El Cartel II (2001)
  • (2002)
  • Los Homerun-Es Vol. 1 (2003)
  • Barrio Fino (2004)
  • Barrio Fino En Directo (2005)
  • Salsaton "Salsa Con Reggaetón" (Salsatón: Salsa con reggaetón) (2006)
  • El Cartel: The Big Boss (2007)
  • Talento De Barrio (2008)
  • Daddy Yankee Mundial (2009)
  • Daddy Yankee Prestige (2012)
  • King Daddy (2013)
  • Con Calma & Mis Grandes Exitos (2019)
  • 2K20 (2020)
  • El Disco Duro (2020)
  • Legendaddy (2022)



  • Hasta Abajo
  • Chica Interesada


  • So Persígueme


  • Suena Así
  • Suena Las Alarmas
  • Huye FT. Apache Montana
  • Soy Pelion
  • Te Viene A Cantar
  • Yo Muerto Te Lo Doy
  • Donde Mi No Vengas
  • Están Locos
  • Sigan Brincando
  • Me Quedo
  • Bomba FT. Master Joe
  • Yamilette
  • Ya Va Sonando
  • Forma De Baile FT. Bimbo El Oso


  • No Te Canses
  • El Funeral
  • Mi Sustento FT. Ranking Stone


  • Tengo Un Problema FT. DJ Eric
  • Come Follow Me FT. DJ Eric


  • Run Come Follow Me
  • Chica Interesada
  • They Cry
  • Busca Una Yale
  • Oh My God
  • Dan De Dan
  • La Soledad FT. Angel Lopez, Mariam
  • Conserva Tu Figura FT. Yaviah, Yummy Man
  • Raza Unida
  • Que Bien Te Vez
  • Abuso Official
  • Me Servirá De Sustento FT. Ranking Stone
  • Triple X Men FT. Nomar Ayala
  • No Problema
  • Ilusión


  • Camouflage
  • Usa La Uzi
  • Nunca Lo Olviden
  • Que Tenga Piedad
  • Con La Glock
  • Donde Están Las Giales
  • Comentan En Las Calles
  • All Crew Freestyle FT. Mexicano 777, Alberto Stylee, Don Chezina, Rey Pirin, Greg Nice, KRS-One
  • La Isla De Muerte FT. Don Chezina, Mexicano 777


  • No Me Corre Police FT. Rey Pirin
  • Posición FT. Alberto Stylee
  • Lirica Real FT. Notty, Manolo Guatauba
  • Por Que FT. Eddie Dee
  • Freestyle Guatauba FT. Rey Pirin
  • The Prophecy FT. NAS
  • Peligro/Winchester Yankee
  • Lirica Real
  • Ten Cuidado En La Calle
  • Te Tiras Te Tapas
  • Cuida Tu Cuerpo FT. Rey Pirin, Curly Valentino
  • El Cartel En La Casa FT. Bujuman
  • Sin Lebreta FT. Notty
  • A Matar FT. Rey Pirin
  • Donde Están
  • Ya Cayo FT. Bujuman
  • Se Acelera El Flow FT. Notty, Yaviah


  • Llorando Por Tí
  • No Me Dejo Llevar FT. Notty, Ivy Queen, Nicky Jam, Eddie Dee, Rey Pirin, Alberto Stylee, Cavalucci, Maicol & Manuel
  • Winchester Y El Bambino FT. Tito El Bambino
  • Ragga Mania FT. Nicky Jam, Grupo Mania
  • Adobo FT. Nicky Jam, Rey Pirin
  • Preparense Las Yales FT. Rubio & Joel, Nicky Jam
  • Es Evidente
  • Secreto FT. Alberto Stylee
  • Todas Las Yales
  • Remátalos
  • Cara De Payaso
  • Que La Enamoren
  • Las Calles De Mi Isla FT. D’Mingo


  • Calibre De Más Poder
  • Knockout
  • Freestyle FT. Rubio & Joel, Nicky Jam, Sanguinario & Bujuman
  • No Hay Liga
  • Freestyle Guatauba FT. D’Mingo, Nicky Jam, Rey Pirin, Don Chezina
  • No Hacen Na FT. Cuba El Carnicero
  • Mujeres Que No Bailen


  • Desesperados FT. D’Mingo
  • Ven Yal FT. Nicky Jam
  • Sazón Con Falvor
  • Dime Si Estás Ready
  • Eres Tu 2 FT. Nicky Jam
  • P.R All Stars FT. Mexicano 777, Ivy Queen, Don Chezina, Rey Pirin


  • Rómpela FT. Rey Pirin, Nicky Jam, Falo
  • Para Que Bailen FT. Sir Speedy
  • Tu Cuerpo En La Cama FT. Nicky Jam
  • Vamos A Perrear FT. Nicky Jam
  • Vente Conmigo FT. Nicky Jam
  • Rómpela FT. Nicky Jam, Rey Pirin, Nalo
  • Aquí Se Separan
  • Donde Esta La Gata FT. Nicky Jam
  • Yal FT. Nicky Jam
  • G-String FT. Nicky Jam
  • Yo Se Que A Tí Te Gusta
  • Cuando Y Donde
  • Los Cangris FT. Don Chezina, Rey Pirin
  • Suena El Bajo 1st Version FT. Don Omar
  • En La Cama FT. Nicky Jam
  • Ritmo De Calle FT. Nicky Jam
  • Sabanas Blancas FT. Nicky Jam
  • Lo Que Tu Quierias FT. Nicky Jam
  • Muévete Y Perrea


  • Guayando FT. Nicky Jam
  • Ella Esta Soltera FT. Nicky Jam
  • Gata Salvaje FT. Hector & Tito, Nicky Jam
  • Gata Salvaje Salsa RMX FT. Hector & Tito, Nicky Jam
  • Enciende
  • Tra Tra FT. Hector El Father, Don Omar, Johnny Prez, Joelito, Notty, DJ Nelson
  • El Gran Robo FT. Lito MC Cassidy
  • Si Fueras Mi Gata FT. Nicky Jam, Alberto Stylee
  • Me La Explota FT. Plan B
  • Lento Lento FT. Nicky Jam
  • Mejor Que Tu Ex
  • Latigazo
  • No Te Canses (2002 Remake)
  • Muévete Y Perrea (MIX)
  • Son Las Doce
  • Dímelo FT. Divino
  • El Cangri
  • Recuerdas FT. Sir Speedy
  • Le Gusta La Mujer FT. Yaga & Mackie
  • Maulla FT. Yaga & Mackie
  • Mi Gatita Y Yo FT. Las Guanábanas, Mary Jean
  • Suena El Bajo FT. Don Omar
  • Puerto Rico Te La Dedico FT. Yaviah, Notty
  • Muévete Y Perrea RMX FT. Nicky Jam
  • Brugal RMX
  • Nadie Es Tu Socio En La Brega FT. Wise Da Gangsta


  • Buscarte FT. Nicky Jam
  • La Noche Esta Buena FT. Don Omar
  • Musica Killer FT. Nicky Jam
  • Dime Cuando Y Donde FT. Nicky Jam
  • Sentirte FT. Nicky Jam
  • Gata Gangstar FT. Don Omar
  • Segurosqui FT. Don Omar
  • Segurosqui Bachata RMX
  • Mi Funeral (Remake) FT. Julio Voltio
  • No Te Canses (Remake) FT. Julio Voltio
  • Donde Mi No Vengas (Remake)
  • Están Locos (Remake)
  • Yamilette (Remake)
  • Me Quedo (Remake)
  • Sigan Brincando (Remake)
  • Ya Va Sonando (Remake)
  • Camouflage (Remake)
  • Que Bien Te Vez (Remake)
  • Llorando Por Ti (Remake)
  • Soy Pelion (Remake)
  • Muerte Yo Le Doy (Remake)
  • Te Viene A Cantar (Remake)
  • Knockout (Mix)
  • El Gistro (Mix)
  • A Fuegote (Mix)
  • Puerto Rico Activado (Mix)
  • Perreando (Mix)
  • Perreando FT. Don Omar
  • Party De Gangstar
  • Freestyle FT. Guelo Star
  • Aquí Se Separan
  • Aquí Se Separan RMX
  • Aquí Esta Tu Caldo
  • Toma, Coge, Traga, Come (Mix) FT. Eddie Dee
  • Cojela Que Va Sin Jockey


  • Lean Back RMX FT. Fat Joe, Hector El Father, Tempo, Tego Calderon, Polaco, Notty
  • Dale Caliente
  • Cuentame
  • Se Activaron Los Anormales FT. Divino
  • What U Gonna Do Latino RMX FT. Lil Jon, Pitbull
  • What U Gonna Do Mash-Up FT. Lil Jon, Elephant Man, Lil Scrappy, Pitbull, Lady Saw
  • Machete
  • La Matadora FT. Mikey Perfecto, Tommy Viera
  • Gasolina
  • Gasolina RMX FT. N.O.R.E, Gem Star, Big Mato
  • Tempted To Touch RMX FT. Rupee
  • No Me Dejes Solo FT. Wisin & Yandel
  • Castígalos FT. Wisin & Yandel
  • Wayo Wayo FT. Yandel, R.O.B.B
  • Donde Hubo Fuego
  • Dos Mujeres
  • Saoco FT. Wisin
  • 12 Disipulos FT. Eddie Dee, Gallego, Vico C, Tego Calderón, Julio Voltio, Zion & Lennox, Ivy Queen, Johnny Prez, Nicky Jam, Wiso G
  • King Daddy
  • Like You
  • Oye Mi Canto FT. N.O.R.E, Gem Star, Big Mato, Nina Sky
  • Oye Mi Canto RMX FT. N.O.R.E, Big Mato, Tego Calderón, Gem Star, Nina Sky
  • Tu Principe FT. Zion & Lennox
  • Yo Voy FT. Zion & Lennox
  • Salud Y Vida
  • Lo Que Paso Paso
  • Corazones
  • Sabor A Melao FT. Andy Montañez


  • Sabor A Melao Salsa RMX FT. Andy Montañez
  • Lo Que Paso Paso Bachata RMX
  • Gasolina Latino RMX FT. Pitbull, N.O.R.E
  • Gasolina Lil Jon RMX FT. Pitbull, Lil Jon, N.O.R.E
  • Gasolina Mr. Vegaz RMX FT. Mr. Vegaz
  • Gasolina Chingo Bling RMX FT. Pitbull, Chingo Bling
  • Gasolina DJ Buddha RMX FT. DJ Buddha, Pitbull, Lil Jon, N.O.R.E
  • Machete RMX FT. Paull Wall
  • El Truco
  • Mamacita FT. Pharrell Williams
  • Rah Rah RMX FT. Pitbull, Elephant Man
  • Rah Rah Reggaeton RMX FT. Pitbull, Elephant Man (Missing)
  • La Farra
  • Fama & Dinero
  • Rompe
  • Rompe First Version
  • Rompe Cancelled Version
  • Oh Man FT. Sean Paul
  • A Romper La Disco FT. Tommy Viera
  • Mírame
  • Mírame RMX FT. Tego Calderon
  • Mírame WY RMX FT. Don Omar, Wisin & Yandel
  • Mírame Mash-Up FT. Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Wisin & Yandel
  • Mayor Que Yo FT. Wisin & Yandel, Tony Tun Tun, Hector El Father, Baby Ranks, Luny Tunes
  • Mayor Que Yo RMX FT. Luny Tunes, Baby Ranks, Wisin & Yandel, Tony Tun Tun, Hector El Father, Don Omar
  • Mayor Que Yo Aventura RMX FT. Luny Tunes, Baby Ranks, Wisin & Yandel, Tony Tun Tun, Hector El Father, Romeo Santos
  • Mayor Que Yo Zion RMX FT. Luny Tunes, Baby Ranks, Wisin & Yandel, Tony Tun Tun, Hector El Father, Zion
  • Quitate Tu Pa Ponerme Yo FT. Eddie Dee, Vico C, Tego Calderon, Julio Voltio, Zion & Lennox, Johnny Prez, Nicky Jam, Ivy Queen, Wiso G, Gallego
  • Machucando
  • Paleta FT. Wisin & Yandel
  • Gangsta Zone FT. Snoop Dogg
  • Taladro FT. Eddie Dee
  • Drop It On Me FT. Ricky Martin, Taboo


  • Gangsta Zone RMX FT. Hector El Father, Yomo, Angel Doze, Arcángel, De La Ghetto
  • Gangsta Zone Mash-Up FT. Snoop Dogg, Hector El Father, Yomo, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Angel Doze
  • Mamacita 2nd Version FT. Pharrell Williams
  • A Romper La Disco 2nd Version FT. Tommy Viera
  • Paleta 2006 Version FT. Wisin & Yandel
  • Rompe RMX FT. Lloyd Banks, Young Buck
  • Rompe International RMX FT. Nelly Furtado, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck
  • Royal Rumble (Se Van) FT. Wise Da Gangsta, Don Omar, Hector El Father, Yomo, Wisin, Franco El Gorilla, Alexis, Zion, Arcángel
  • Noche De Entierro FT. Wisin & Yandel, Zion, Hector El Father, Tainy, Tony Tun Tun
  • Noche De Entierro RMX FT. Hector El Father, Arcángel, Ivy Queen, De La Ghetto
  • Noche De Entierro Fonseca RMX FT. Hector El Father, Wisin & Yandel, Fonseca
  • Agresivo RMX FT. Jowell & Randy, Arcángel, De La Ghetto
  • Impacto
  • RBK
  • Pa La Calle
  • Pa La Calle RMX FT. Patota
  • Sin Miedo Al Hombre
  • Caile RMX FT. Tito El Bambino, Zion, Julio Voltio, Angel Doze
  • Dímelo FT. N.O.R.E
  • Se Le Ve FT. Andy Montañez
  • Mia FT. Tito El Bambino
  • Freestyle AOL 06’


  • Impacto Hancel RMX FT. Hancel
  • Impacto RMX FT. Fergie
  • Impacto Leones RMX FT. Casa De Leones
  • Impacto RMX 2 FT. Jo-A
  • Impacto RMX 3 FT. Comando Tiburon
  • Noche De Entierro Mash-Up FT. Wisin & Yandel, Hector El Father, Ivy Queen, Randy, Alexis, Tony Tun Tun, Zion, Arcángel, De La Ghetto
  • I Get Money RMX FT. 50 Cent
  • Por Eso Estoy Pegao FT. Mims
  • Solido
  • Me Matas RMX FT. RKM & Ken-Y
  • Me Matas Cruzito RMX FT. RKM & Ken-Y, Cruzito
  • Me Matas Masterpiece RMX FT. RKM & Ken-Y
  • Fiel Amiga
  • Todos Quieren A Raymond
  • La Fuga
  • Block Party FT. Yaga & Mackie
  • Caliente FT. Jazze Pha
  • Cuchi RMX FT. Big Mato, Ja Rule, Yaviah
  • No Comprende
  • Nos Sacamos El Bingo
  • Our Love Is Over FT. Nales, Wisin
  • Al Son Del Boom FT. Miguelito
  • Al Son Del Boom 2nd Version FT. Miguelito
  • Mensaje De Estado
  • Agresivo RMX 2 FT. Jowell & Randy, De La Ghetto
  • Ella Me Levantó
  • Bring It On FT. Akon
  • Lo Nuestro Se Fue FT. Ivy Queen, Hector El Father, Gerry Capo
  • Lo Nuestro Se Fue 2nd Version FT. Ivy Queen, Wisin, Alex Riviera
  • Intro Invasión FT. Chyno Nyno, Arcángel, Cosculluela
  • Caliente RMX 2 FT. Jazze Pha, JQ The #1 Contender
  • Who’s Your Daddy
  • Tension FT. Hector El Father
  • Mis Dias Sin Ti FT. Findy, Ken-Y


  • Mas Problemas
  • Ciencia Callejera FT. Tempo
  • Pa Frontiarle La Cualquiera RMX FT. Yaga & Mackie, Arcángel, Cosculluela, Ñengo Flow, Franco El Gorila, Poeta Callejero, R1, LT
  • Controlando La Area FT. Bounty Killer
  • Algo Musical RMX FT. Ñejo & Dalmata, Arcángel
  • Ten Paciencia RMX FT. Thalia
  • Pegalo
  • Stripper RMX FT. La Sista, Jowell & Randy
  • Somos De Calle
  • Somos De Calle RMX FT. Cosculluela, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Chyno Nyno, Guelo Star, Baby Rasta, Julio Voltio, MC Ceja, Ñejo
  • Pose
  • Pa-Kum-Pa
  • Temblor
  • Oasis De Fantasía
  • Suelta
  • De La Paz & De La Guerra
  • Como & Vete
  • K-Nelda
  • Infinito
  • Llamado De Emergencia
  • Salgo Pa La Calle FT. Randy
  • Salgo Pa La Calle RMX FT. Erre XI, Jowell & Randy
  • Pasión FT. Arcángel
  • Pa-Kum-Pa
  • No Es Culpa Mia


  • Como & Vete Soca RMX
  • Que Tengo Que Hacer
  • Si Te Vas FT. Omega El Fuerte
  • Que Tengo Que Hacer RMX FT. Jowell & Randy
  • Los Buenos Tiempos
  • Echale Pique
  • Echale Pique RMX FT. Yomo
  • Echale Pique 2nd Version FT. Cosculluela
  • Desafio FT. Don Omar
  • Quiero Decirte FT. Arcángel
  • Quiero Decirte 2nd Version FT. Arcángel
  • Quiero Decirte 3rd Version FT. Arcángel
  • Quiero Decirte 4th Version FT. Arcángel
  • Un Dia En El Estudio
  • Talento De Un Barrio Fino FT. Tempo
  • Hasta Abajo RMX FT. Don Omar
  • El Ritmo No Perdona
  • Yo Tengo Una Gata FT. Zion & Lennox, De La Ghetto, Arcángel, Alexis, Angel Doze, Yomo, Yaviah, Plan B, Franco El Gorilla, Jadiel
  • Dímelo Mami RMX FT. Julio Voltio
  • Bailando Fue FT. Jowell & Randy
  • Grito Mundial


  • Danza Kuduro FT. Don Omar, Lucenzo, Arcángel
  • Intenso
  • Pata Boom FT. Jory Boy
  • Rescate FT. Alexis & Fido
  • Perdidos Por El Mundo FT. Zion & Lennox
  • Nena Fichu RMX FT. Farruko
  • Junto Al Amanecer RMX FT. J Álvarez
  • La La La RMX FT. Baby Rasta & Gringo
  • Una Oportunidad FT. Luis Fonsi
  • Somos El Mundo FT. Juanes, Ricky Martin, Jose Feliciano, Vicente Fernández, Luis Enrique, Romeo Santos, Pee Wee, Belinda, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Banda El Recodo, Shakira, Thalia, Jenni Rivera, Tito El Bambino, Kany Garcia, Luis Fonsi, Jon Secada, Willy Chirino, Lissette, Ana Bárbara, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Juan Luis Guerra, David Archuleta, Cristian Castro, Ednita Nazario, Paquita La Del Barrio, Ricardo Montaner, Gloria Estefan, Luis Miguel, Chayanne, Olga Tañon, Natalia Jimenez, Paulina Rubio, Nicky Jam, Melina León, Pitbull, Taboo
  • Descontrol
  • El Duro RMX FT. Kendo Kaponi, Don Omar, Baby Rasta
  • Pegaito A La Pared FT. La Sista, Randy
  • Freestyle
  • Rumba & Candela
  • El Ritmo No Perdona
  • Miss Independent FT. Don Omar
  • La Señal
  • Me Entere FT. Tito El Bambino
  • La Despedida
  • La Despedida RMX FT. Tony Dize
  • Cuidau Au Au RMX FT. Cosculluela, Alexis & Fido
  • No Hacen Na FT. Angel & Khriz
  • Viejas Añadas
  • Estrellita De Madrugada FT. Omega El Fuerte
  • Hasta Abajo Mash-Up FT. Don Omar, Tempo, Dynasty


  • Ven Conmigo FT. Prince Royce
  • Ven Conmigo Dance RMX FT. Prince Royce
  • Come With Me FT. Prince Royce, Adrienne Bailon, Elijah King
  • Come With Me Dance RMX FT. Prince Royce, Adrienne, Bailon, Elijah King
  • Aprovecha FT. Nova & Jory
  • Pa Romper La Discoteca FT. Farruko, Yomo
  • Pa Romper La Discoteca RMX FT. Farruko, Yomo, Zion & Lennox
  • Chequea Como Se Siente FT. Tito El Bambino
  • Panamiur RMX FT. Arcángel
  • Pata Boom RMX FT. Jory Boy, Alexis & Fido, Jowell & Randy
  • No Te Tengo Aquí RMX FT. Jomar, Arcángel
  • Gatas Bocinas Y Bajo FT. Farruko
  • Bien Comodo FT. Randy, Jory Boy, Yaga & Mackie, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Guelo Star, J Álvarez, Arcángel
  • Hoy RMX FT. Farruko, J Álvarez, Jory Boy
  • Mi Sueño FT. Pacho & Cirilo
  • Danger RMX FT. Kendo Kaponi, Julio Voltio, Jomar, Ñengo Flow, Arcángel, Polaco, Pacho & Cirilo, Gringo, Eme El Mago
  • Vuelve FT. Carnal, Farruko
  • Llegamos A La Disco (New) FT. De La Ghetto, Arcángel, Ñengo Flow, Farruko, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Alex Kyza, Kendo Kaponi
  • Llegamos A La Disco (Old) FT. De La Ghetto, Ñengo Flow, Arcángel, Farruko


  • Taboo RMX FT. Don Omar
  • Limbo
  • Llevo Tras De Ti FT. Plan B
  • Llevo Tras De Ti RMX FT. Plan B, Arcángel
  • Limbo RMX FT. Wisin & Yandel
  • Lovumba
  • Lovumba RMX FT. Don Omar
  • Lovumba Big Ali RMX FT. Big Ali
  • Lovumba Motiff RMX FT. Motiff
  • Lovumba Elements RMX
  • 6 De Enero
  • El Amante FT. J Álvarez
  • Comienza El Bellaqueo
  • Hipnotízame RMX FT. Wisin & Yandel
  • La Pregunta RMX FT. J Álvarez, Tito El Bambino
  • Pasarela
  • Pasarela Extended
  • Perros Salvajes
  • Miss Show
  • Pon T Loca
  • Switchea
  • La Calle Moderna
  • La Máquina De Baile
  • Mas Que Un Amigo FT. Farruko
  • Baby FT. Randy
  • Lose Control FT. Emelee
  • After Party FT. De La Ghetto
  • El Party Me Llama FT. Nicky Jam
  • Quien Tiene Mas Flow RMX FT. De La Ghetto, Jowell & Randy
  • Finally Found You RMX FT. Enrique Iglesias
  • Finally Found You Mash-Up FT. Enrique Iglesias, Sammy Adams
  • Señorita FT. Reykon
  • Guaya FT. Arcángel
  • Pa Esto Estoy Yo FT. Gotay
  • Piquete FT. Farruko
  • Quien Tiene Mas Flow RMX FT. De La Ghetto, Jowell & Randy
  • Soldados FT. Barrington Levy, Ñengo Flow
  • Nos Matamos Bailando FT. J Álvarez
  • Guillao FT. Farruko
  • La Dupleta FT. Arcángel
  • Llégale FT. Gotay
  • EXPlosion FT. J Álvarez, Farruko
  • El Arensal FT. Jory Boy
  • BPM
  • BPM Techno RMX
  • Fire


  • La Noche De Los Dos FT. Natalia Jimenez
  • Yo Soy De Aquí FT. Don Omar, Arcángel, Yandel
  • Adicto Al Dinero Fácil FT. Tempo
  • Self Made FT. French Montana
  • More Than Friends FT. INNA
  • Summertime
  • Watch Out For This RMX FT. Busy Signal
  • Nada A Cambiado FT. Divino
  • Mil Problemas
  • Calentón FT. Yandel
  • La Nueva Y La Ex
  • Donde Es El Party FT. Farruko
  • La Rompe Carros
  • Millonarios FT. Arcángel
  • Suena Boom
  • Una Respuesta FT. J Álvarez
  • Déjala Caer
  • I’m The Boss
  • Pakas De 100 FT. Arcángel
  • Mucha Soltura FT. Jowell & Randy
  • Limbo Spanglish
  • Una Nena FT. Farruko
  • More Than Friends Mash-Up FT. INNA, Akon, Don Omar
  • Lovumba Hindi Version FT. Ad Boyz


  • Moviendo Caderas FT. Yandel
  • Una Problema Soy FT. Pusho, Farruko, D.OZI
  • Tu Jean FT. ENDO
  • Dime Que Pasó FT. Arcángel
  • Odias Por Muchas RMX FT. Pacho & Cirilo, Kendo Kaponi, J Álvarez, De La Ghetto
  • Ora Por Mi
  • Igual Que Ayer
  • Palabras Con Sentido
  • Que Se Mueren De Envidia RMX FT. Paramba
  • Sábado Rebelde FT. Plan B
  • Suena Cabrrr FT. Kendo Kaponi
  • Probando FT. Cosculluela
  • Pa Gozar RMX FT. Mozart La Para
  • A Que No Te Atrevas RMX FT. Tito El Bambino, Chencho, Yandel
  • This Is Not A Love Song FT. Duncan
  • Tremenda Sata RMX FT. Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Nicky Jam, Plan B
  • Suena La Alarma FT. Farruko
  • El Combo Me Llama 1.1 FT. Benny Benni, Pusho, Farruko, Cosculluela, D.OZI, El Sica
  • Experimentan La Perse FT. Farruko, Benny Benni, Gotay, Pusho
  • Otro Amanecer FT. D.OZI
  • Casería De Nenotas RMX FT. Plan B, Yailemm & Clande, Amaro, Pinto Picasso, Pusho
  • Born To Rule
  • La Calle Me Hizo FT. Benny Benni, Nicky Jam, Baby Rasta, Farruko, Cosculluela, Gotay, Ñejo, J Álvarez


  • Sígueme Y Te Sigo
  • Maleantes De Internet FT. Ñengo Flow
  • Cara A Cara FT. Don Omar
  • Fronteamos Por Que Podemos FT. De La Ghetto, Ñengo Flow, Yandel
  • Nota De Amor FT. Wisin, Carlos Vives
  • Corazón FT. Claudia Leitte
  • Estas Aquí FT. DJ Nelson, Nicky Jam, J Álvarez, Zion
  • We Wanna FT. Alexandra Stan, INNA
  • Vaivén
  • Baby Boo RMX FT. Cosculluela, Arcángel, Wisin
  • Tírate Al Medio FT. Don Omar
  • Tumba La Casa RMX FT. Alexio La Bestia, Nicky Jam, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Zion, Ñengo Flow, Farruko, Los De La Nazza
  • Mayor Que Yo 3 FT. Wisin, Don Omar, Luny Tunes
  • Ginza RMX FT. J Balvin, Yandel, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Nicky Jam, Farruko, Zion
  • Imaginándote FT. Reykon
  • Cara A Cara 2 FT. Don Omar


  • Andas En Mi Cabeza FT. Chino & Nacho
  • Andas En Mi Cabeza RMX FT. Chino & Nacho, Wisin, Don Omar
  • Vaivén RMX FT Ela Llamin
  • No Quiere Enamorarse RMX FT. OZUNA
  • Sola RMX FT. Anuel AA, Farruko, Wisin, Zion & Lennox
  • Cierra Los Ojos FT. Zion & Lennox
  • Alerta Roja FT. Nicky Jam, Plan B, Zion, J Balvin, Brytiago, Coscuella, Kafu Banton, Mozart La Para, Gente De Zona, Secreto, Alexio La Bestia, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Farruko
  • A Donde Voy FT. Cosculluela
  • Hasta El Amanecer RMX FT. Nicky Jam
  • Tu Y Yo FT. Tommy Torres
  • Firehouse
  • Pierde Los Modales FT. J Balvin
  • Cierra Los Ojos FT. Zion & Lennox
  • All The Way Up Spanish RMX FT. Nicky Jam
  • Shaky Shaky
  • Shaky Shaky RMX FT. Plan B, Nicky Jam
  • Panda RMX FT. Almighty, Cosculluela, Farruko
  • Power RMX FT. Benny Benni, OZUNA, Anuel AA, D.OZI, Almighty, Pusho, Alexio La Bestia, Kendo Kaponi


  • Vuelve FT. Bad Bunny
  • La Formula FT. OZUNA, De La Ghetto, Chris Jedi
  • Bella Y Sensual FT. Romeo Santos, Nicky Jam
  • Manuel De Truco
  • Tu Hombre FT. Nicky Jam
  • Hula Hoop
  • Gyal You A Party Animal RMX FT. Charly Black
  • Gyal You A Party Animal RMX 2 FT. Charly Black, Farruko, El Boy C, Maluma
  • El Desorden 1 FT. OZUNA
  • El Desorden 2 FT. OZUNA, Plan B
  • Despacito FT. Luis Fonsi
  • Despacito RMX FT. Luis Fonsi, Justin Bieber
  • Tu No Metes Cabra RMX FT. Bad Bunny, Coscuella, Anuel AA
  • Bebe RMX FT. Brytiago, Nicky Jam
  • Todo Comienza En La Disco FT. Wisin, Yandel
  • Havana RMX FT. Camila Cabello
  • Havana 2 FT. Camila Cabello, Young Thug
  • La Rompe Corazones FT. OZUNA
  • Boom Boom FT. Redone, French Montana, Dinah Jone
  • La Ocasión RMX FT. OZUNA, Anuel AA, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Nicky Jam, J Balvin, Farruko, Zion


  • El Combo Me Llama 2 FT. Benny Benni, Farruko, Noriel, Bad Bunny, Pusho, Miky Woodz
  • Dura
  • Dura RMX FT. Bad Bunny, Becky G, Natti Natasha
  • Hielo
  • Como FT. Kim Viera
  • Azukita FT. Steve Aoki, Elvis Crespo, Play-N-Skillz
  • Zum Zum FT. RKM & Ken-Y, Arcángel
  • Zum Zum RMX FT. RKM & Ken-Y, Arcángel, Plan B, Natti Natasha
  • Assesina RMX FT. Brytiago, Darell, Ozuna, Anuel AA
  • Inolvidable RMX FT. Farruko, Sean Paul, Akon
  • Como Soy FT. Pacho El Antifeka, Bad Bunny
  • Made For Now FT. Janet Jackson
  • Estas Aquí RMX FT. Nicky Jam, J Álvarez, Zion, Nio Garcia, Casper Magico, DJ Nelson
  • Buena Vida FT. Natti Natasha
  • Adictiva FT. Anuel AA
  • El Combo Me Llama 2.1 FT. Benny Benni, Bad Bunny, Almighty, Pacho El Antifeka, Pusho, Juanka, Amarion


  • Con Calma FT. Snow
  • Con Calma RMX FT. Snow, Katy Perry
  • Baila Baila Baila RMX FT. Ozuna, J Balvin, Farruko, Anuel AA
  • No Lo Trates FT. Pitbull, Natti Natasha
  • Ruleta Pusa RMX FT. Kevin Roldán
  • Soltera RMX FT. Lunay, Bad Bunny
  • Runaway FT. Sebastian Yatra, Natti Natasha, Jonas Brothers
  • Be Mine FT. Sean Paul, Pinto Picasso
  • China Original FT. Anuel AA, Karol G, OZUNA, J Balvin, DJ Snake
  • Si Supieras FT. Wisin & Yandel
  • Instragram FT. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta, Natti Natasha, Afro Bros
  • China FT. Anuel AA, Karol G, Ozuna, J Balvin
  • Mayor Que Yo 3 Mash-Up FT. Luny Tunes, Don Omar, Wisin, Yandel, OZUNA, Arcángel, Nicky Jam, Prince Royce, Farruko, Alexio La Bestia
  • Que Tire Pa Lante
  • Como Soy Full RMX FT. Pacho El Antifeka, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Arcángel, Farruko


  • Muévelo FT. Nicky Jam
  • Definitivamente FT. Sech
  • La Santa FT. Bad Bunny
  • PAM FT. Justin Quiles, El Alfa
  • Confía FT. Sech
  • Bésame FT. Play-N-Skillz, Zion & Lennox
  • Don Don FT. Anuel AA, Kendo Kaponi
  • Don Don RMX FT. Anuel AA, Kendo Kaponi, Sisqo
  • Relación RMX FT. Sech, J Balvin, Rosalia, Farruko
  • No Se Da Cuenta FT. Ozuna
  • 120 RMX FT. Musicólogo & Menes, Bad Bunny
  • De Vuelta Pa La Vuelta FT. Marc Anthony
  • Corona


  • Problema
  • El Pony
  • Súbele El Velumen FT. Jhay Cortez, Myke Towers
  • Tata RMX FT. Eladio Carrion, J Balvin, Bobby Smurda
  • Métele Al Perreo
  • Sal Y Perrea RMX FT. Sech, J Balvin
  • El Gran Robo 2 FT. Lito MC Cassidy


  • Campeón
  • Pasatiempo FT. Myke Towers
  • El Rey De Lo Imperfecto
  • HOT FT. Pitbull
  • BOMBOM FT. El Alfa, Lil Jon
  • Impares
  • Bloke
  • Un QUITAO Y Orto Puesto
  • Enchultiao
  • El Abusador Del Abusador
  • X Ultima Vez FT. Bad Bunny
  • La Ola
  • Zona Del Perreo FT. Becky G, Natti Natasha
  • Agua FT. Rauw Alejandro, Nile Rodgers
  • Para Siempre FT. Sech
  • Mayor Que Usted FT. Natti Natasha, Wisin & Yandel
  • Bailar Contigo FT. Black Eyed Peas
  • ULALA FT. Myke Towers


  • Panties Y Brasierias FT. Rauw Alejandro
  • La Hora Y El Día FT. Justin Quiles, Dalex
  • Gasolina Fast And Furious RMX FT. Myke Towers
  • Beachy FT. Omar Courtz
  • Yankee 150 FT. Yandel, Feid
  • La Baby FT. Feid, Tainy, Sech
  • Beachy House RMX FT. Omar Courtz, Play-N-Skillz
  • Bonita


  • Donante De Sangre

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