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Background information
Also known asLa Aplanadora del Rock (Spanish: the rock crasher)
OriginEl Palomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina  Argentina
GenresRock, Folk music
WebsiteOfficial Site
MembersRicardo Mollo (voice and guitar)
Diego Arnedo (bass)
Catriel Ciavarella (drums)
Past membersGustavo Collado (drums)
Federico Gil Solá (drums)
Jorge Araujo (drums)

Divididos (Spanish: Divided) is a Rock and cover band from Argentina. It was founded in 1988, when Sumo, another band, broke up because of the death of Luca Prodan, their main singer.

The band is known for mixing Rock and Argentinean folk music.

In 2005, the band received the Platinum Konex Award as best Rock Group of the 1995-2005 decade, with Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota.

Integrants[change | change source]

First formation, 1988-1990
Second formation, 1990-1995
Third formation, 1995-2004
Fourth formation, 2004-present

Discography[change | change source]

  1. 1989 - 40 dibujos ahí en el piso (Spanish: 40 drawings over the floor)
  2. 1991 - Acariciando lo áspero (Spanish: Caressing (something) rough)
  3. 1993 - La era de la boludez (Spanish: The Idiocy Era)
  4. 1995 - Otroletravaladna (Spanish: Backwards: Go to wash your ass)
  5. 1996 - Divididos (compilation) (Spanish: Divided)
  6. 1998 - Gol de mujer (Spanish: Woman Goal)
  7. 1999 - 10 (compilation)
  8. 2000 - Narigón del siglo (Spanish: The Conky of the Century)
  9. 2000 - Viveza criolla (Spanish: Creole liveliness) (live)
  10. 2002 - Vengo del placard de otro (Spanish: I come from someone else's closet)
  11. 2003 - Vivo Acá (Spanish: I live here) (Live)
  12. 2003 - Oro (Spanish: Gold) (compilation)
  13. 2004 - Canciones de cuna al palo (Spanish: Lullaby powerful songs) (compilation)
  14. 2004 - Vianda de ayer (Spanish: Yesterday's Lunch) (compilation)
  15. 2006 - Obras cumbres (Spanish: Masterpieces) (compilation)
  16. 2010 - Amapola del '66 (Spanish: '66 Poppy)