Division of Gippsland

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Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Gippsland 2010.png
Division of Gippsland (green) in Victoria
MPDarren Chester
Electors97,521 (2010)
Area33,054 km2 (12,762.2 sq mi)

The Division of Gippsland is an Australian Electoral Division in Victoria. It was set up for the first federal election in 1901. It is named for the Gippsland region of eastern Victoria, which in turn is named for Sir George Gipps, Governor of New South Wales 1838–46.[1] It covers an area of 35,054 km² including the towns of Bairnsdale, Morwell, Sale and Traralgon.[1]

Members[change | change source]

Member Party Term
  Allan McLean Protectionist 1901–1904
  Anti-Socialist 1904–1906
  George Wise Protectionist 1906–1909
  Independent 1909–1913
  James Bennett Commonwealth Liberal 1913–1914
  George Wise Independent 1914–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1922
  Thomas Paterson Country 1922–1943
  George Bowden Country 1943–1961
  Peter Nixon Country 1961–1975
  National Country 1975–1982
  National 1982–1983
  Peter McGauran National 1983–2008
  Darren Chester National 2008–present

Peter McGauran held several ministerial postions in the Howard Government

Election results[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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