List of political parties in Australia

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This is a list of Australian political parties. There are also other parties which are only active at a state level. This list includes all parties registered with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Registered for elections with the AEC[change | change source]

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Parties with seats in the Federal Parliament[change | change source]

As of 2015 the following parties held in the Australian Federal Parliament:

Name (English) Abbr. Leader Ideology Position International organisations Votes (2013) Seats in House of Representatives Seats in Senate Notes
Australian Labor Party ALP Bill Shorten Social democracy centre-left Socialist International 36.67% 55 25
Liberal Party of Australia Lib Tony Abbott Conservatism, Economic Liberalism centre-right International Democrat Union 38.67% 66 23 In coalition since 1944 with the National Party of Australia
National Party of Australia Nat. Warren Truss Conservatism, agrarianism right-wing none 6.00% 9 3 In coalition since 1944 with the Liberal Party of Australia
Australian Greens GRN Christine Milne Green politics left-wing Global Greens 0.67% 1 10
Katter's Australian Party KAP Bob Katter Agrarian economic nationalism, social conservatism Economic left-wing, social right-wing none 0.67% 1 0
Democratic Labor Party DLP John Madigan Social conservatism Economic left-wing, social right-wing none N/A 0 0

Former political parties[change | change source]

These groups are no longer registered and can no longer take part in elections. A number of these may still exist but they are not political parties.