List of political parties in Australia

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This is a list of Australian political parties. There are also other parties which are only active at a state level. This list includes all parties registered with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Registered for elections with the AEC[change | change source]

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Parties with seats in the Federal Parliament[change | change source]

As of the last election in 2019 the following parties held at least one seat in the Australian Federal Parliament.

Note: The Liberal Party of Australia and the National Party of Australia are in a centre-right coalition called the "Liberal–National Coalition", also commonly known simply as "the Coalition". The Coalition has held a majority in the Australian House of Representatives and been in government since 2013.

Name (English) Abbr. Leader Ideology Position International organisations Votes (2019) Seats in House of Representatives Seats in Senate Notes
Australian Labor Party ALP Anthony Albanese Social democracy centre-left Socialist International 33.34% 68 26
Liberal Party of Australia Lib Peter Dutton Conservatism, Economic Liberalism centre-right International Democrat Union 41.44% 60 31 In coalition since 1944 with the National Party of Australia
National Party of Australia Nat. Barnaby Joyce Conservatism, agrarianism right-wing none 4.5% 16 5 In coalition since 1944 with the Liberal Party of Australia
Australian Greens GRN Adam Bandt Green politics left-wing Global Greens 10.40% 1 9
Katter's Australian Party KAP Robbie Katter Agrarianism, right-wing populism, social conservatism right-wing none 0.49% 1 0

Former political parties[change | change source]

These groups are no longer registered and can no longer take part in elections. A number of these may still exist but they are not political parties.