Australian Senate

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47th Parliament of Australia
Coat of arms or logo
Sue Lines, Labor
since 26 July 2022
Penny Wong, Labor
since 1 June 2022
Katy Gallagher, Labor
since 1 June 2022
Simon Birmingham, Liberal
since 5 June 2022
Anne Ruston, Liberal
since 5 June 2022
Political groups
Government (26)

  Labor (26)

Opposition (31)
  Liberal (25)[a]
  National (6)[b]

Crossbench (19)
  Greens (11)
  One Nation (2)
  Lambie Network (2)
  United Australia (1)

  Independent (3)[c]
Length of term
6 years (state senators)
3 years (territory senators)
Single transferable vote
Last election
21 May 2022
(Half Senate election)
Next election
2024 or 2025
Meeting place
Senate Chamber
Parliament House
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory,
Commonwealth of Australia

The Senate is the upper house of the Parliament of Australia. The lower house is the House of Representatives. Senators are elected for a term that is usually six years. But some senators have three year terms. The Senate has a lot of power from the Australian Constitution.

There are currently 76 people in the Senate.

Notes[change | change source]

  1. Including three Liberal National Party of Queensland (LNP) senators who sit in the Liberals party room.
  2. Including two Liberal National Party of Queensland (LNP) senators and one Country Liberal Party senator who sit in the Nationals party room.
  3. David Pocock, Lidia Thorpe and David Van