Parliament of South Australia

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Parliament of South Australia
51st Parliament
Type Bicameral
Houses House of Assembly
Legislative Council
Queen of Australia Elizabeth II
since 6 February 1952
Governor of South Australia Kevin Scarce
since 8 August 2007
Speaker of the House of Assembly Lyn Breuer, Labor
since 8 April 2010
President of the Legislative Council Bob Sneath, Labor
since 27 April 2006
Members 69
47 MHA
22 MLC
House of Assembly Political groups Government
     Labor (26)
     Liberal (18)
      Independent (3)
Legislative Council Political groups Government
     Labor (8)
     Liberal (7)
     SA Greens (2)
     Family First (2)
      No Pokies (2)
     D4D (1)
House of Assembly Voting system Instant-runoff Vote
Legislative Council Voting system Single Transferable Vote
Last general election 20 March 2010
Next general election 15 March 2014
Meeting place
Adelaide parliament house.JPG
Parliament House, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

The Parliament of South Australia is the legislature of the Australian state of South Australia. It has the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly. It follows a Westminster system of parliamentary government.

The Parliament is elected by all citizens who are 18 or older at the time of an election.

The House of Assembly (lower house) has 47 members. The Legislative Council (upper house) has 22 councillors (MLCs).

Coordinates: 34°55′16″S 138°35′55″E / 34.92111°S 138.59861°E / -34.92111; 138.59861