Parliament of Western Australia

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Parliament of Western Australia
41st Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
HousesLegislative Council
Legislative Assembly
Founded30 December 1890; 133 years ago (30 December 1890)
Charles III
since 8 September 2022
Chris Dawson
since 15 July 2022
Alanna Clohesy, Labor
since 25 May 2021
Michelle Roberts, Labor
since 29 April 2021
Roger Cook, Labor
since 8 June 2023
Shane Love, National
since 30 January 2023
59 MLAs
36 MLCs
Legislative Assembly political groups
Government (53)

  Labor (53)
Opposition (6)
  National (3)

  Liberal (3)[a]
Legislative Council political groups
Government (22)

  Labor (21)
Opposition (9)
  Liberal (7)[a]
  National (3)
Crossbench (5)
  Legalise Cannabis (2)
  Greens (1)
  Independent (2)

Instant-runoff voting
Single transferable vote
Legislative Assembly last election
13 March 2021
Last general election
13 March 2021
Next general election
8 March 2025
Meeting place
Parliament House,
Perth, Western Australia,

The Parliament of Western Australia is the legislature of Western Australia. It is is bicameral, meaning it has two chambers: a lower house (the Legislative Assembly) and an upper house (the Legislative Council).

Parliament sits at Parliament House in Perth.

Notes[change | change source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 After the 2021 election, the Nationals and Liberals formed an opposition alliance. However, it is not a formal coalition and both parties maintain their independence from each other.

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