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Dublin Zoo
Dublin zoo Orangutang 2011.jpg
Orangutang at Dublin Zoo
Date opened1 September 1831
LocationDublin, Ireland
Land area28 ha (69 acres)[1]
Coordinates53°21′14″N 6°18′14″W / 53.35389°N 6.30389°W / 53.35389; -6.30389Coordinates: 53°21′14″N 6°18′14″W / 53.35389°N 6.30389°W / 53.35389; -6.30389
Annual visitors1 million (2011)
Major exhibitsAfrican Plains, Kaziranga Forst Trail, Roberts house (aviary), South American house, Reptile house, City Farm

The Dublin Zoo (Irish: Zú Bhaile Átha Cliath[2][3]), in Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland is the largest zoo in Ireland. It is one of Dublin's most popular attractions. It was opened in 1831.[4]

It is over 28 hectares (69 acres)[1] in size. It has a number of special areas like:

It was founded on 10 May 1830[9] and opened to the public on 1 September 1831. This makes it the third oldest zoo in the world. The animals, 46 mammals and 72 birds,<[10] were a present from London Zoo.[4]> It now has over 600 animals from all over the world.[11]

In 2010, Dublin Zoo received 963,053 visitors.[12]

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