Duke of Noailles

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Coat of arms of the Dukes of Noailles as peers of France.

The title of Duke of Noailles was a French peerage created in 1663 for Anne de Noailles, Count of Ayen.

Noailles is the name of a great French family, derived from the castle of Noailles in the territory of Ayen, between Brive and Turenne in the Limousin, and claiming to date back to the 11th century. It did not obtain fame until the 16th century, when its head, Antoine de Noailles (1504–1562), became admiral of France and was ambassador in England during three important years, 1553–1556, maintaining a gallant but unsuccessful rivalry with the Spanish ambassador, Simon Renard.

Henri (1554–1623), son of Antoine, was a commander in the religious wars and was made Count of Ayen by Henry IV of France in 1593.

The title of Duke of Ayen was also given to the family. However, the heir to the Noailles dukedom was usually called the Prince of Poix.

The family owned a lavish townhouse in Paris called the Hôtel de Noailles.

List of Dukes of Noailles[change | change source]

  1. Anne de Noailles (1663-1678).
  2. Anne Jules de Noailles (1678-1708).
  3. Adrien Maurice de Noailles (1708-1766).
  4. Louis de Noailles (1766-1793).
  5. Jean de Noailles (1793–1824).
  6. Paul de Noailles (1824–1885).
  7. Jules Charles Victurnien de Noailles (1885–1895).
  8. Adrien de Noailles (1895–1953).
  9. François de Noailles (1953–2009).
  10. Hélie de Noailles (2009–present).

The present holder of the title is Hélie de Noailles, but as France is now a republic, titles are not officially recognised.