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Population 352 
OS grid reference TL940421
Shire county
Country England
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Police Suffolk
Fire Suffolk
Ambulance East of England
EU Parliament East of England
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Edwardstone is a village[1][2] and civil parish in the Babergh district, in the county of Suffolk, England. In 2011, there were 352 people living in Edwardstone civil parish.[3] The parish contains the villages and hamlets of Mill Green, Priory Green, Round Maple and Sherbourne Street.[4][5]

History[change | change source]

The name Edwardstone means Farmstead of a man called Edweard.[6][7] Edwardstone was listed in the Domesday Book as Eduardestuna.[8][9] Edwardstone was once in the Babergh hundred.[10]

Edwardstone Hall was a country house located in the village.[11] It was demolished in 1952,[12] but there are several other buildings still located on its land, including two listed buildings described below: the Church of St Mary the Virgin and Temple Bar.[13][14]

Population[change | change source]

Edwardstone civil parish had a population (population is the number of people living in a place) of 352 in 2011,[3] 343 in 2001,[15] 299 in 1961, 349 in 1951, 368 in 1931, 341 in 1921, 415 in 1911, 416 in 1901, 420 in 1891, 438 in 1881, 479 in 1851, 495 in 1841, 503 in 1831, 416 in 1821, 374 in 1811 and 362 in 1801.[16] In 1086 there were 32 households in Edwardstone, which was quite large compared to other settlements.[17]

Features[change | change source]

The parish contains the villages and hamlets (a hamlet is a settlement without a church) of Mill Green, Priory Green, Round Maple and Sherbourne Street.[4][5] Edwardstone has a church called the Church of St Mary the Virgin.[18][13][19][20][21] Edwardstone is on a tributary (a tributary is a smaller river that flows into another) of the River Stour.[22] Edwardstone civil parish has 31 Listed buildings.[23] Edwardstone has a Cricket Team in Hunts County Division 2. The team plays its home games at Homefields, Boxford.[24] In the "History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Suffolk, and the Towns Near Its Borders" Edwardstone had 1872 acres of land which was mostly arable (land that can be used for growing crops), but it also included 105 acres of woodland.[25]

The forest surrounding the village is called Edwardstone Woods. It is mainly broadleaved, mixed and yew woodland. It has been classified as scientifically important by the British government.[26]

Listed buildings[change | change source]

St Mary's Church, located on the former land of Edwardstone Hall. It is also a Grade I listed building.
Temple Bar, the gatehouse to Edwardstone Hall. It is a listed building.

There are 31 listed buildings in Edwardstone.[23]

  1. Barn to the North of Lynn's Hall (Grade II)[27][28]
  2. Borehouse Manor Farmhouse (Grade II)[29][30]
  3. Christmas House (Grade II)[31][32]
  4. Church of St Mary the Virgin (Grade I)[33][34]
  5. Crossways (Grade II)[35][36]
  6. Earls Cottages (Grade II)[37][38]
  7. Edwardstone House (Grade II)[39][40]
  8. Edwardstone Lodge (Grade II)[41][42]
  9. Garden Wall to Sherbourne House (Grade II)[43][44]
  10. General Stores (Grade II)[45][46]
  11. Hathaway Cottage Little Thatch (Grade II), a cottage with a thatched roof. It has two gabled dormers and a ridge chimney stack.[47][48]
  12. Hideaway Corner (Grade II)[49][50]
  13. Home Farmhouse (Grade II)[51][52]
  14. Juglans (Grade II)[53][54]
  15. Lynn's Hall (Grade II)[55][56]
  16. Manora (Grade II)[57][58]
  17. Mill Green Cottage (Grade II)[59][60]
  18. Mill Green End (Grade II)[61][62]
  19. Moat Farm Cottage (Grade II)[63][64]
  20. Priory Cottage (Grade II)[65][66]
  21. Priory Green Cottage (Grade II)[67][68]
  22. Quicks Farmhouse (Grade II), was a farmhouse and is now a house. It has a red-brick front. The inner part has bridging beams with lamb's tongue (or ogee) stops and ceiling joists. The upper part of the front range has been changed, probably in 1859.[69][70]
  23. Sans Souci (Grade II)[71][72]
  24. Seasons (Grade II), an 18th/19th century building, which has 1 story and a thatched roof. It has been renovated.[73][74]
  25. Sherbourne Cottage (Grade II)[75][76]
  26. Sherbourne House (Grade II)[77][78]
  27. Sideways (Grade II)[79][80]
  28. Temple Bar (Grade II), a red-brick gatehouse with an archway.[14] It formed the entrance to Edwardstone Hall.[81]
  29. The Flushing (Grade II), an 18th-century or early 19th-century building, which has been renovated and has 2 storeys. It also has a central gabled porch.[82][83]
  30. The Thatched Cottage (Grade II)[84][85]
  31. Tudor Cottage (Grade II)[86][87]

Notable people[change | change source]

References[change | change source]


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